How to Use Zapps Pro
The Collection

Pro List Numbering: Link to New Lists

Pro List Numbering group on The Collection ribbon

Use Link to New Lists to add new styles to the Pro List Numbering memory, so it can find and restart your lists when you direct it to.


Link to New Lists dialog box on The Collection ribbon

The Link to New List button opens a dialog box you can use to add your unique style names. Only add style names you want to use as list markers. Enter a semi-colon before the start of each new style name.

Once added, your style names will be available for you to use as "New List Markers" in your current document and for use in new documents.

Zapps Pro automatically loads two style names that automatically populate this box and can be used for the purpose of marking lists, “Zapps Text” and “Zapps Title". 

You will see two other styles that you will recognize if you use LeaderGuide Pro. They are only available for use as markers if you are using this tool in a LeaderGuide Pro document.


Special Considerations

  1. Use truly unique styles to mark your lists.
  2. Resist the temptation to use the same styles that are in use in most of your document.


This feature creates a record of the style names used to indicate that a new numbered list immediately follows this paragraph. The Zapps Pro Restart Numbering function uses these style names as it scans lists and processes the automatic “Restart at 1,” sequencing request.



These "new list" indicator style names can be any non-numbered or outlined paragraph.


  1. “Heading #” level paragraphs
  2. List paragraphs
  3. Paragraphs that contain an outline number.

The record of these style names is kept with the document and with Zapps Pro. They can be used in multiple documents, or modified on a document by document basis.

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