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Great Circle Learning helps individuals and organizations increase productivity & ensure consistency across all modes of training with easy-to-use instructional design, training development & presentation software.  

For instructional designers, eLearning developers, course writers, subject matter experts, trainers and presenters.


Our software runs with Microsoft Office Word, PowerPoint and Excel to streamline the design of eLearning and traditional training programs, and to expedite development of consistent facilitator & participant materials that support the delivery of virtual and traditional training.

User support is included with all software licenses. Enterprise services are available to facilitate the effective roll out and implementation of our software across your organization.


Reliably create consistent, branded course designs, eLearning materials, facilitator guides, participant guides and audience handouts.


Significantly increase efficiency by automating time-consuming tasks required to design, build and update training documentation.


Seamlessly work across Word, PowerPoint and Excel to transfer, share and update content, files and records.


Happy employees can focus on content and flow, as the mechanical tasks are handled for them. 

Not your typical
templates & macros


Great Circle Learning software automates and adds functionality to Microsoft Office. Developed by our own Microsoft MVP, our software is not your average bear...



Smart Templates

Professionally formatted templates adjust to your changes and provide issue-free performance. 



Write it Once 

Create one master file. Extract to create new files. Revise and update companion files. Create new from existing.



Work Across Office

Automated interfaces work seamlessly between Word, PowerPoint and Excel.  



Save Time

Work task automation reduces mechanical tasks 50% or more.



Consistent & Branded

Built-in customizing tools add your branding to our smart templates.



What do you need?


Our software products include design tools, development tools, document management tools, and a personal file recovery system. Our software can be used independently or in conjunction with each other. While each is unique, they are designed to complement each other for increased productivity.


Our software overview will help you decide
which tools are right for you.



From: Michael Travis
Sent: October 24, 2018
To: Nancy Michaels
Subject: Elements Pro

 Hi Nancy, 

I just wanted to send you a quick note to let you know how much I continue to value the Elements Pro software. I used it again for a recent second run of a Leadership Academy for which I did considerable edits from the last sessions series of workbooks. I was able to easily use the software now and it has worked extremely well for me with very professional looking results.  

Just today I cancelled my subscription only because I will not be using it for a while. Please know this, in no way, is an expression of dissatisfaction. I will be a long time user of the software. I also continue to recommend this product to other consultants. The fact that you send a notice about the monthly subscription and make it easy to turn and turn off the software investment is that much more of an argument for a great product to use for consultants. So... big thanks!

Best regards,

Mike Travis, Founder and Principal


Trane University was developing a completely new program, people in the field were calling it a boot camp for newly hired associates.

Ultimately the program included pre-reading in an industry text book, 2 weeks in-residence training, 2 weeks back home on the job skill reinforcement and a final 2 weeks in-residence. The program uses 3 or 4 different instructors, makes daily use of ‘clicker’ technology, and consists of approximately 40% hands-on activities.

Without our LeaderGuide Pro leader guides we never could have kept all the parts and pieces organized and flowing smoothly. In addition, the students really appreciate their books which give them a place to take notes alongside the graphical details being shared on the screen. Edits and assembly are pretty quick and simple for such a large complex training program.

Pam Fulwider, Lead ISD




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