How to Use Zapps Pro
The Collection

Pro Doc Controls: Import Docs

Pro Doc Controls group on The Collection ribbon

Use Import Docs to easily integrate multiple Word files into one.

Cursor placement is the key to this function.


Make sure your cursor is at a logical insertion point in your open document.



Click the Import Docs button.



Navigate to the files you need.


About Import Docs

This feature allows you to insert single or multiple Word documents into the current document. It eliminates the need to first open each “source” document and then copy and paste the content into the “destination” document.


New document insertion begins at the selected insertion point of the destination document. The order of multiple document insertion is controlled by the documents' file names. In other words, documents are inserted based on the sorted order of their names.


To select multiple documents

  1. use the Keyboard Shortcuts of Shift + Click to select a contiguous list of files
  2. or use Control + Click to selected multiple non-contiguous file names.

The text style formatting of “same named styles” is controlled by the destination document.

Formatting of custom styles that exist only in the source documents is retained.

The "source document" headers and footers of inserted documents are ignored an are no inserted.




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