AuthorTec Update Styles

This tool is located on the Developer tab ribbon in Word.


If you do not see your Developer tab

Open Word

Click on File > Options

Click on Customize Ribbon

  1. Place a check mark next to Developer
  2. Click OK

AuthorTec Update Styles allows you to rapidly apply updated styles from a master template to one or more documents. 

How to Use

  1. Click the Update Styles button on the Developer tab in Word.
  2. Use the Update Styles dialog box to make your changes.


How to use the Update Styles dialog box


Choose the Styles Template you would like to use.

  • AuthorTec Update Styles includes one Styles Template.
  • To add your own Styles Templates:

  1. Create, or copy, your styles template 
  2. Save it to this location, as a Word Template .dotx file:

C:\Users\<Your User Directory>\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Templates\Great Circle Learning\AuthorTec\2.0\UpdateStyles\MASTER\Writers Collection

FYI: You can store multiple master style templates in the above directory. Then, simply select the master style template you wish to use from the pull-down menu on the Update Styles dialog.

Once you select a Styles Template...
the "Template Styles" area of the Update Styles dialog box will populate with the list of styles in that template.


Choose the file(s) you want to apply your updated styles.

  • Use the Browse button to select the file(s).
  • Use the Clear button remove the file(s) from the update list if you make a mistake.

After selecting the Master Styles Template and the Documents you wish to update:

You will see the list of "Document Styles" in the documents you plan to update.

FYI: The list of current document styles is just for information and you cannot select from it unless you mark the Global Replace checkbox.


Select what you plan to update: All or Selective or Global Replace.

Update All

If you plan on applying all the Master Template Styles to the documents you have selected: 

  1. Click the Update All button.
  2. You will see a verification prompt in the message area of the dialog box.

  3. Click Run to begin the process of updating the document styles.

Update Selective

If you plan on only updating a select number of styles from the Master Template:

  1. Select from the Template Styles list the style names you want.
  2. Click the Update Selective button.

  3. You will see a verification prompt in the message area of the dialog box.
  4. Click Run to begin the selective update.

Global Replace

To Globally Replace an existing style that is listed in the documents you are updating with a style from the Master Styles Template:

  1. Check the Global Replace checkbox. This will disable the Update All and Update Selective buttons
  2. The Document Styles list will enable.

    1. Select the style name from the Document Styles list that you want to replace.
    2. Then, select from the Template Styles list the replacement style.

    3. You will see a verification prompt in the message area of the dialog box.
    4. Click Run to begin the selective update.

When a Global Replace is run:

  • All text in the document that is currently set with the style name you chose from the Document Styles list is altered to the style settings of the replacement style you chose from the Template Styles list.
  • If you have more than one style to replace, you must perform this procedure one style replacement at a time.

When you done updating your document's styles:

  • Click the Close button in the Update Styles dialog box.

How to Uninstall on a PC

Should you need to uninstall AuthorTec Update Styles please follow these steps:

Part One

  1. Close Word
  2. Open Control Panel 

  3. Select Programs > Uninstall
  4. Select AuthorTec Update Styles

  5. Click Uninstall and allow a few moments for the uninstall to complete

Part Two

  1. Open Word and click the Developer tab
  2. If you do not see AuthorTec Update Styles then you are all set, the software is uninstalled

  3. If AuthorTec File Doctor is still showing up in Word, follow these additional steps:
    1.  Go to C:\Users\your name\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Word\STARTUP

    2. Find AuthorTec File Doctor in the list and delete it

    3. Go to C:\Users\your name\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Templates\Great Circle Learning\AuthorTec\2.0

    4. Delete the folder named UpdateStyles

  4. The uninstall is now complete


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