The Ribbon

Learn how the LeaderGuide Pro ribbon is organized
and what each ribbon group does


Ribbon Overview

This video provides an overview of the LeaderGuide Pro ribbon. 


The Start Group

Use the buttons in this group to get started.


The Module/Lesson Control Group

Learn about the 5 buttons in the Module/Lesson Control group on the LeaderGuide Pro ribbon.


The Text/Table Formatting Group

This video explains and demonstrates the 15 buttons and style in use box included in the important group of buttons on the LeaderGuide Pro ribbon.


The Controls Group

This important group contains 6 powerful buttons that perform document level actions. Watch to learn more about each button.


The Content Blocks Group

The Content Blocks build your Lesson pages. They visually cue, format, and chunk your instructional content.


The Insert Group

There are 3 buttons in this group. They help you as you are working in Content Blocks on Lesson pages.


The Customize Group

From the drop down menu revealed by the Parts button in this group you can access all of the customizing functionality built into LeaderGuide Pro.


The Product Group

This video explains the drop down menu that id revealed when clicking the one button in this group, the Act'n DeAct button. Use this menu of options to determine what version of LeaderGuide Pro you are running, to Activate, to Deactivate, to purchase an activation key, and to check for updates.


The Help Group

Click this button to access both online and embedded Help as you are using LeaderGuide Pro.