Successful Users Do These Things


These are some of the Best Practices
we commonly see


Start new guidebooks from the New button on the LGPro ribbon.


Open existing guidebooks from the Open button on the LGPro ribbon.


Work with the Paragraph Marks on.


Pay close attention to cursor placement.


Insert Content Blocks from the ribbon.


Never copy and paste icons over each other.


Insert pictures inline rather than floating.


Use the LGPro Text/Table Formatting buttons to format content.


Use Continue and Flow to control content block placement.


Use Paste Special to add content from other sources.


Stay out of the red text, never placing the cursor into a red text area.


Create Custom Collections.


Save copies of their files before executing actions that will change their documents.


Use the built in help, embedded videos, and website Tutorials to build their skills.


Ask questions to gain a better understanding of how to use LeaderGuide Pro.


Request assistance right away if problems arise.


Use the buttons on the LGPro ribbon first and supplement with Word buttons on their Quick Access toolbar.



For Speed use Word's Quick Access Toolbar

This video shows you how to add Word buttons you will need to your Quick Access Toolbar. This method allows you to always keep the LGPro ribbon up and also have fast access to the other buttons you need.

In addition, there are several global customizations you can make easily, to automatically add your logo and copyright to your LeaderGuide Pro documents, and to set your LGPro Libraries to your preferred location.

To customize your logo and copyright info, and more...

Watch the video to see how to implement the steps described below.

  1. Click on Parts > Logo, Copyright and More.
  2. Logo: Browse to your logo files and select one to grace your cover pages.
  3. Copyright: Edit the Copyright information to set it to your company name. "Great Circle Learning" is only there as a placeholder.
  4. Revision Date: Leave it checked to automatically add a revision date to your Acknowledgements page and odd page footers. Uncheck to eliminate.
  5. Slide Border:  Leave it checked to automatically add a thin black border around imported slide images. Uncheck to eliminate.
  6. Column Headings: Edit to your preferences.
  7. Preferred Collection: Browse to select your default. You can change this any time you want to.
  8. Default Folder: This is the current file path to your LGPro Library Local
  9. Check for Updates: Allow notifications when updates are available.


To change the location of
your LGPro Libraries

  1. Click on Parts > Location of the library...
  2. And use either Method 1 or Method 2.


Method 1 - Prior to doing anything else on the dialog, manually move the directory and all of its subfolders and files to a new location. Then select the “browse” button and locate the previously relocated directory and click the “set” button to register the new location.


Method 2 - Click the “browse” button and navigate to the directory that will become the “parent” directory to the folder you are relocating. Click the “move” button and this function will relocate the directory to the new location and register it with the software.

Note: This method will not work if the directory you are moving already exists at the destination location.


About the default locations
for the Libraries

The default location for the LGPro libraries is your "Documents" directory in your "Home" directory. We recommend the local library (LGPro Library Local) stay in your local home directory. The master library (LGPro Library Master) can be relocated to a shared drive location if you are working in a team development environment.




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