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  • the mechanical work tasks involved in building files

  • the saving of easily accessible back-up copies of your files

  • the editing of document formatting for a professional appearance.



  • with the cognitive work of instructional design and development

  • with scripting and time tracking.



  • your productivity gains when used in conjunction with each other. Check out our cost-saving bundles in our Store.

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Design Tools


A smart template and cognitive work task automation tool for the Design phase. The Learning Design Tool is an advance organizer, professional job aide and time-saver for Instructional Designers who create Design Documents in Word.


The Learning Design Tool consistently creates     professionally formatted learning design documents with placeholders for

  • a Content Analysis summary

  • the Instructional Analysis, and

  • the Course Structure and Sequencing.


The Learning Design Tool provides automation to assist with the cognitive work of



Writing Terminal and Enabling Learning Objectives that are

  • properly formed

  • supportable

  • based on Bloom's taxonomy.



Adding appropriate learner achievement activities to the learning objectives.



Mapping the objectives to the proposed course structure.



Building out the course outline with

  • proposed timing

  • require references and materials

  • instructional activity types


Once the Learning Design is built...

The Learning Design Tool populates an initial course outline.

Automation assists in building out the outline with instructional activity types.


To jump-start the Development phase

Your Course Outline can be extracted to:

  • Word

  • PowerPoint

  • the IGST

  • LeaderGuide Pro

The course outline forms the basis of your facilitator guide.

If you extract to LeaderGuide Pro your Modules and Lessons set up for you, populated with your outline content as a starting point.



For developers who use PowerPoint as the starting point for virtual and traditional instructor-led training. Scripter puts the focus on the instructional content for presenters and producers.


Scripter adds functionality to leverage the Notes.

For any PowerPoint file, Scripter provides the ability to:

  • assign time-per-slide designations

  • assign topic and subtopic designations to relevant slides

  • add instructional action cues for facilitators and producers

  • parse and designate who the notes are for:

    • presenter

    • producer

    • participant.


Once the scripting job is complete, use Scripter to:

  • update your existing PowerPoint file or create a new PowerPoint file

  • build formatted Word handouts from your finished PowerPoint files

  • populate LeaderGuide Pro Virtual Facilitator Guides with:

    • thumbnails of the slides

    • time-per-slide designations below each slide

    • notes distributed appropriately for presenter and producer.

Development Tools


A Word add-in that builds consistent and professionally formatted facilitator guides.

For instructional developers, instructional writers and subject matter experts LeaderGuide Pro provides smart templates and automation to increase efficiency and ensure consistency when building instructor-led training.


Speed up and simplify these common tasks:

  • Import PowerPoint

  • Start from and reformat existing content

  • Build facilitator guides that work like sheet music

  • Extract participant guides from facilitator guides or vice versa

  • Sync content between participant guides and facilitator guides

  • Save stand-alone chunks of content for editing, review and re-use

  • Integrate stand-alone content from multiple contributors into one consistent document

  • Customize. And share your customized templates with your colleagues.

  • And more...


For increased productivity...

LeaderGuide Pro accepts content from the Learning Design Tool, the IGST, and Scripter.

LeaderGuide Pro is a is THE tool for instructional development teams building complex, multi-day training programs.


A bridge between regular Word documents and LeaderGuide Pro. The IGST is an Instructor Guide Scripting Template that runs within Word to create documents that can be easily transferred into LeaderGuide Pro

As a licensed LeaderGuide Pro user, if you add the IGST to your license you can share the IGST with SMEs, contractors and other content contributors who do not have a license to LeaderGuide Pro.

The IGST is a great tool if your training organization works with outside content providers who cannot be required to use LeaderGuide Pro



A simpler version of LeaderGuide Pro that makes it easy to leverage existing slides and content for use as facilitator guides or participant guides.

For those who are new to developing training materials, and those who are building basic facilitator or participant guides for training programs less than one day in length.

Elements provides smart templates and automation to increase efficiency and ensure consistency when building simple documents to support instructor-led training.


Speed up and simplify these common tasks:

  • Import PowerPoint

  • Start from and reformat existing content

  • Build attractive participant guides and simple facilitator guides

  • Customize


For increased productivity...

Elements documents can be converted to LeaderGuide Pro.

Elements is the BEST tool for part-time instructional developers and for those who are occasionally tapped to build short instructor-led training programs.


Professionally publish PowerPoint to Word. 

george! is an add-in to PowerPoint that adds two types of functionality to increase productivity and professionalism for anyone who makes PowerPoint-driven presentations.


Document Creation
 publishes PowerPoint to Word to:

  • Create branded, polished Word documents

  • For use as handouts to support PowerPoint-driven presentations.


PowerPoint Enhancement
george! makes it faster and easier to work in PowerPoint to:

  • Add, review and edit Alt Text

  • Work with multiple images

  • Globally alter slide text while maintaining formatting

  • Extract images and content for reuse


For increased productivity...  
george! is a great tool for SMEs who provide instructional content to developers via PowerPoint.

  • Because george! makes it easy to tag slides that start new topics and subtopics.

  • Not only does this convey structure and flow, it automatically distributes the slides across modules and lessons as you use LeaderGuide Pro or Elements to import the PowerPoint file into a facilitator or participant guide.

Document Management Tools


A Word add-in for writers and editors that automates document clean-up and maintenance. The Collection adds functionality to simplify and speed up the editing of Word documents in the following major areas of effort.


Numbered Lists

Repairs multiple numbered lists in an open document.


Style Editor

For making documents consistent with the Style Guide in use and quickly cleaning up other direct formatting issues.


Document Controls  

To import multiple documents into an open document, extract multiple selections from one document to another, and update all fields.


Media Controls

For batch importing, resizing and replacing of images, and for repairing broken links on imported images.



A Word add-in for Office 2011 for the Mac. For those who do a lot of work in Word 2011 on a Mac.



Doc-Tools automates:

  • Batch File Import

  • Batch Image Import

  • Resize, replace, repair broken links

  • Import from PowerPoint

  • Extract multiples selections to other documents

  • Update all fields



This FREE Office add-in provides file overwrite protection with easy access to back-up copies. Got-ur-Back saves up to 5 levels of back-up copies of your files. 


Got-ur-Back runs silently in:

  • Word, PowerPoint and Excel on your PC

  • Word and Excel on your Mac.


Each time you click Save Got-ur-Back saves a copy of your file too. But...

  • The Got-ur-Back copy is saved as your file was just before you clicked Save.

  • To protect you from accidental file overwrites.


The Got-ur-Back copies are:

  • in the same file format you were working in

  • conveniently placed in folders right on your computer.


Got-ur-Back is free!

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