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Pro Doc Controls: Extract Objects

Pro Doc Controls group on The Collection ribbon

Use Extract Objects to copy content an open document and insert it into either a new or existing document.

Charts, Equations, Images, Shapes, Grouped Shapes, SmartArt, Tables, Text Boxes and even Custom Selections of Content can be easily transferred from one document to another. 

To Extract Oblects

Extract Objects dialog box
  1. Click the Extract Object to open the Extract Objects dialog box.
  2. Select whether you are extracting into an existing document or a new document.
  3. Select what you want to extract.




By default the software will search the entire document for the extract objects you select. However, you are free select custom ranges, such as only certain paragraphs or sections of the document. If you select a custom range, the software only searches for the shapes and objects in the highlighted area.


An additional feature of the Extract Objects function is it allows you to set custom bookmarked areas of the source document to extract, which are not limited to special media type objects.


For example you could select six entire paragraphs of text, which also happen to include three Shape objects and one Image object and then use the “Set Mark” control button to bookmark this custom range. When you click the “Start” button for the extract to begin, everything within the bookmarked area is copied to the destination document.

A few other things to know…

The Extract Objects dialog is modeless, which means it stays on the screen as you mark your custom search ranges or custom bookmarked extract items. You can simply move it out of the way by the standard “Click, Hold, Drag” method of Windows.

Multiple Custom Bookmarked Extract items can be setup at one time and then extracted all together into the destination document.


If you make a mistake while bookmarking custom selection, there is a “Remove Marks” button that can help you.


Custom Bookmarked Extract items are different than a Custom Search Range in the document. A Custom Search Range is one contiguous area of the source document that the software will search for the items you are requesting to copy. The Custom Bookmarked Extract items are the things that will get copied.

Optionally, if you mark the “Clear formatting…” checkbox, what you copy will then have its text and paragraph formatting stripped from it. It will be brought over to the destination document with only Word’s default “Normal” style applied.


If you are extracting into an existing document we recommend a best practice of already having the destination document open before you launch the Extract Object dialog. That way you can also click inside the destination document and establish the insertion point where the Extract Objects function will place the extracted items.



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