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Learning Design Tool

A comprehensive method for establishing consistent design practices for eLearning and instructor-led courses.

  • Automate the generation of learning objectives, achievement activities, and course outlines.

  • Export to PowerPoint, Word, and LeaderGuide Pro.


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A time-saving method for preparing PowerPoint for import into an authoring tool or for use as training documentation.

  • Clean up PowerPoint before transfer to course authoring tools.

  • Write, edit and organize slide text and notes.

  • Streamline multi-author collaboration.


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LeaderGuide Pro

A rapid development tool for the creation and maintenance of formatted, icon-driven facilitator guides.

  • Import PowerPoint and pictures.

  • Convert existing content.

  • Extract participant guides.

  • Sync content.

  • Robust customization features.


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Elements Pro

An easy-to-use tool that creates formatted guidebooks from PowerPoint slides and notes.

  • Includes templates, style guides, and icons perfect for building materials to support short eLearning and instructor-led courses.


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A publishing tool for the creation of attractive handouts from PowerPoint.

  • Work with 18 interchangeable page layouts to produce branded, formatted Word documents.


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AuthorTec Tools for Office

AuthorTec Tools for Office are a family of Office add-ins that automate 16 functions, primarily in Word, to deliver professional results with speed and ease. Purchase these tools individually or select from our AuthorTec Suites, which group the AuthorTec Tools into cost-saving bundles, based on functionality.


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Support Services

Software support and professional design and development services provided directly by Great Circle Learning.


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User Training

Software User Training provided directly by Great Circle Learning. Choose from online and onsite training options.


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