How to Customize
the Instructional Content Blocks


Customize functions are built in to the Learning Design Tool software. To access the customize functions click Customize on the LDT ribbon.

You will be presented with a drop down menu of options.

  1. Select Course Structure Activities from the menu
  2. This will bring up the Customize Instructional Content Cues form

About this Customizing Function

When you are in the final phase of building out your course outline you have the opportunity to use the Instructional Content Block drop down menu to add instructional activity types into the lessons. 

The Learning Design Tool includes 40 Instructional Content Block types on the "Select type of instruction" menu.

This menu is available in your Detailed Course Outline, after you add it to the Course Structure and Sequencing section of your Design Plan.



  • Each of the instructional content block options you see in the "Select type of instruction" menu are linked to a LeaderGuide Pro Content Block that will be inserted into a LeaderGuide Pro or IGST document after you Extract a copy of your Course Outline. 

  • If you do not use LeaderGuide Pro or the IGST and simply extract your Course Outline into Word or PowerPoint, then the Content Block name will appear in your document instead of the LeaderGuide Pro block icon.

This Customize function allows you to modify the Instructional Content Blocks drop down menu in two ways:

  1. Rename the Instructional Content Blocks that appear in the drop down list
  2. Change the LeaderGuide Pro Content Block that the Instructional Content Block is associated with.

This is the Customize form


The Instructional Activity column:

  • Lists the Instructional Content Blocks you can choose from when building out your Course Outline
  • You can add as many Instructional Content Blocks to this list as you need
  • Instructional Activity = Content Block

The Content Block column:

  • Lists the LeaderGuide Pro Content Block Icons that are associated with the Learning Design Tool Instructional (Activity) Content Blocks
  • Each Learning Design Tool Instructional Content Block must be associated with a the LeaderGuide Pro Content Block
  • The Content Block column lists 40 commonly used LeaderGuide Pro blocks, including the 15 Custom blocks, for use to associate with each Learning Design Tool Instructional Content Block
  • Here is the full list

How Add or Change the Content Block Associated with an Instructional Activity Type

  1. Select an instructional activity
  2. Edit the Instructional Activity name in the Activity Editing box

  3. Change which Content Block is associated with the Instructional Activity in the Content Block box
  4. Click Update

  5. Click Apply when done making changes
  6. Click Close when completely done. 

For LeaderGuide Pro and IGST users

As you build out your Content Outline:

Add Content Blocks to specify the instructional method you recommend to teach the instructional content. e.g. Computer Exercise.

When you Extract your Outline to LeaderGuide Pro your Lesson pages will populate with the appropriate Content Block icons.

If you also add a description of what you expect to occur, for instance during the Computer Exercise, all of this important “meta” data is also transferred into a Computer Exercise content block when your Design Document is extracted to LeaderGuide Pro.

But I don't use LeaderGuide Pro

When extracted to Word or PowerPoint your unique instructional activity will include a verbal cue for the activity type.


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