How to use george!



Your george! software is designed to be customized. Set your logo, copyright and other preferences for the Word documents you will create with george!

To Set your User Preferences

  1. Click on User
  2. The Preferences dialog box will open
  3. Browse to a logo file you would to appear on your george! document cover pages
  4. Enter your copyright information as you would like it to appear on the inside from cover page of the document
  5. Set your preferences for slide border, revision date, and check for updates
  6. Browse to select a folder to save your george! Word documents to by default



Your logo appears on the cover page of the documents you create with george!

  1. Browse to the logo you want to appear on the cover of your george! documents. You must select a picture image file.
  2. Click once to select the file.
  3. Click OK.
  4. You will see the file path to your selected logo appear in the white box in the Preferences dialog. The logo you set will appear on the cover page of all new documents you create using  george!
  5. To change the logo, repeat these steps.


We suggest that you leave the word "Copyright" and the copyright symbol in place.

  1. Type in the year and your company name, or the name of the copyright owner of the content in the documents you will be creating.
  2. Or, enter the copyright text as you would like it to appear

Copyright information will appear on the Acknowledgements page of the documents you create using george! 

Note: The Acknowledgements page is the second page of your george! documents. In a 2-sided file, it will be the back, or inside, of the cover page.

Slide Border

  1. Check "YES" to have a 0.25 point weight frame added around all slide images imported into your george! documents.
  2. Click "No" if you do not want the slide border.

Revision Date

Click "YES" if you would like a revision date automatically inserted on the Acknowledgements page (inside cover page) of your george! documents.

  1. The date is inserted when the document is first created.
  2. The date does not automatically update each time you open the document. We recommend using this for version control purposes.
  3. You will be able to alter the date as needed once in your Word document.
  4. Click "No" if you prefer not to include a revision date.

Default Folder

When you click the Create button on the george! ribbon you will be prompted to Save your new Word document.

The Default Folder information is showing you the file path to the location on your computer where george! defaults to when saving files for you. 

This is only an initial prompt and can be overridden at the time of execution. You will be able to navigate to any other location you prefer to use to save your files

You do not have to use the george! folder, but since george! defaults to it, this is fast and easy way to save and find your george! documents.



Go to the current default location and copy the george! folder.


Paste the george! folder into your preferred location.


Click on Browse in the Preferences dialog box below Default folder.


Navigate to the new location and carefully click once on it; do not open the folder.


You will be taken back to the Preferences dialog box and you will see the file path to your new folder location. If not, repeat steps 3 and 4, being careful not to open or expand the main george! folder.


Check for Updates 

  1. Click "YES" to receive notification as you open PowerPoint when there is an update available for your george! software.
  2. To download the update click on the download option provided, or download at any time from our online store.



As you are in the Preferences dialog box, click on the george! logo to view written instructions to refresh your memory about how to use the functions provided.

The built-in instructions can also be accessed by clicking on the Help button at the end of the george! ribbon and selecting Written Instructions.



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