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The Convert group on the george! ribbon in PowerPoint contains 2 functions that make it easy to translate or make global changes to slide text and slide notes while maintaining the formatting. Start by using the Formatted Text button.

Formatted Text - There are 3 steps 

  1. Export Formatted Text
  2. Translate Formatted Text

  3. Import Formatted Text

Export Formatted Text

Open the PowerPoint file you want to work with and bring up the george! ribbon


Click on Formatted Text on the ribbon

Select the option to Export Formatted Text

This will bring up the Convert formatted text dialog box that you will use to move a copy of the formatted slide text into a Word document; along with slide notes if needed.

NOTE: If doing a selective export then select the specific slides you want to use prior to starting the export. The PowerPoint Slide Sorter view makes it easy to select specific slides.


Using the Convert Formatted Text dialog

  1. You will see this dialog after clicking on Formatted Text > Export Formatted Text
  2. Select what you want to export and click OK

  3. You will see the export progress just above the george! logo
  4. When the export is complete click OK to close the dialog box

  5. Save the new Word document that has been created

The Word document will look strange

The exported text will be placed into a series of specially marked 2-column, multiple-row tables in a new Word document.

The Word doc may look a little weird, as shown in the example below.

This is because PowerPoint styles don't look the same when placed into Word.  

Example-Exported Slide.png


To Modify the Text in the Word document

If you don't need to translate, but simply need to edit the exported text:

  1. Work in the document like any other Word doc to modify the text
  2. Be careful not to change the styles, because this would change the PowerPoint formatting
  3. Save your work 

To paste text into the Word doc

Use Word's "Paste Special - Keep Text Only" function

Translate Slide Text & Notes

Save and Close your Word document that contains your exported slide text and notes


Go back to the george! ribbon in PowerPoint

Click Formatted Text > Translate Formatted Text Document

This will bring up the Translate Using Google dialog 

Working with the Translate Using Google dialog

  1. Select the translate "from" language
  2. Select the translate "to" language

  3. Browse to your Word document
  4. Click Translate and then watch the progress above the george! logo

  5. Save when prompted
  6. When done click Close

  7. You can now edit your translated Word document to improve the translation as needed

  8. Be careful not to alter the Styles, only change the text

  9. When done, Save and close the Word document

Import Formatted Text back into your PowerPoint file

When you are ready to update your PowerPoint file, Open the converted or translated Word file and open a copy of the PowerPoint file you want to convert


When ready, click Formatted text on the george ribbon in PowerPoint

Select Import Formatted Text

This will bring up the Convert formatted text dialog box

NOTE: Prior to starting a selective import, use the PowerPoint Slide Sorter view to select the specific slides to convert.

The Convert Formatted Text dialog

Select where you want to import your translated text from Word back into PowerPoint.



Select what you want to to convert:

  •  All slides or Selective slides

Check Including Slide Notes if needed

Click OK

You will see the Files currently open dialog


The Files Currently Open dialog

We suggest that you Close all open Word and PowerPoint files.

Except the Word doc and PowerPoint file you need to complete this step.



Assuming the Word document you want to import from is open:

  • Select the Word document in the white box
  • Click YES
  • Click OK

If your Word doc is not open: 

  • Click NO
  • Navigate to the file
  • Click Open

Once you have your Word document selected:

  • Click OK in the lower right corner of the dialog
  • Watch the progress above the george! logo

Do not do anything else on your computer while the import is taking place

Once the import is complete:

  • Save your translated PowerPoint file
  • Save and Close your "import from" Word file

Best practice: Open the Word file you will be importing from prior to staring the import process.

Language Setting

  1. Click Language Setting to change the default language setting for all or selective PowerPoint slides in the open file
  2. This will replace the standard PowerPoint “one slide at a time” manual method
  3. Prior to starting a selective change, use the PowerPoint Slide Sorter view to select the specific slides to change
Note: The Language setting function does not translate the text. It sets the PowerPoint proofing tool to work with the new language you have chosen. All other edit and proof functions remain as otherwise provided by your version of Microsoft Office PowerPoint.



As you are in the dialog boxes, click on the george! logo to view written instructions

The built-in instructions can also be accessed by clicking on the Help button at the end of the george! ribbon



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