How to use george!



The george! Change Pic Links function makes it easy to identify and edit, update or change the link status of images in your PowerPoint files. 


About Change Picture Links

This function works with images in your open PowerPoint file that were inserted as either Linked or Linked and Embedded.

This function will:

  1. Update the link file path.
  2. Convert a linked image to an embedded image.

This function cannot convert an embedded image to a linked image. To do that: 

  1. Delete the image.
  2. Re-insert the image as Linked or Linked and Embedded.

To Change Picture Links

  1. With your PowerPoint file open, click the Chg Pic Links button. 
  2. The Change Insertion Type dialog box will appear.
  3. You will see the number of Embedded images in your file and the number of Linked images, including those set as Linked and Embedded.
  4. Choose what you want to Change:
    1. All or Selective
    2. Path or Type 


  1. Prior to starting a selective change, use either the PowerPoint Normal view or Slide Sorter view to select the specific slides that contain the images you want to work with.
  2. Click Selective in the dialog box.



To change the folder path for linked images, click the Path checkbox.

  1. Use the Browse button to locate the new full folder path.
  2. Or, type in the path.
Note: Do not change the image file names. This process allows you to move them to a new source folder but the image file names must otherwise be the same as originally inserted.


  1. To change Linked images to an embedded type, click the Type checkbox.
  2. Select either Embedded or Linked and Embedded.
  3. george! will use the current linked path to locate the image and embed a copy of it into the document.

Note: If you have slide layouts with multiple images per slide you may need to run this function multiple times until all imaged are embedded. Use the Linked Images count as the indicator if this conversion process needs to be performed again.


About Image File Link Types

george! provides 3 insertion type options. By default george! inserts image files as "Linked and Embedded" and this is the insertion type we recommend. Two other options are also available. These are the same options Microsoft Office provides.

  1. Embedded. This method saves the image in the document.
  2. Linked. This method saves only a file path to the image.
  3. Linked and Embedded. This method saves the file path and saves a copy of the image in the document.

Learn more about these insertion types in the george! Import Tutorial and by searching Microsoft Office Help.


Built-in Help

As you are in the Chg Pic Links dialog box, click on the george! logo to view written instructions to refresh your memory about how to use the functions provided. 

The built-in instructions can also be accessed by clicking on the Help button at the end of the george! ribbon and selecting Written Instructions.




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