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Great Circle Learning offers a family of productivity add-ins to Microsoft Office®. They run within Word, PowerPoint and Excel to automate tasks you have to do by hand right now and to add functionality you don’t otherwise have. Our purpose is to free you to do more professional work and to increase your productivity.

For everyone who uses Office we've "Got-ur-Back". This Office add-in automatically saves copies of your Word, PowerPoint and Excel files every time you save so that you will have something to go back to if you accidentally overwrite content or suffer a crash. Unlike other backup programs, Got-ur-Back files are immediately accessible and in the same file format as your original files. Find Got-ur-Back under the Zapps-apps products, all of which perform helpful tasks to increase productivity within Microsoft Office.

For PowerPoint users, including speakers and subject matter experts, george! provides functionality that is not otherwise available. When importing multiple images into PowerPoint george! gives you more options and increases your control of how the images are added. When you need to translate or change slide headings and text, you can quickly insert replacement text and maintain the slide formatting. Before sending your PowerPoint file to Word use george! to add Table of Contents tags to your slides. And use george! to quickly convert your slides and notes into attractive Word documents that are ready to use as handouts, speaker notes, or for your specific purpose. And, LeaderGuide Pro will recognize the tags added by george! making it easy for anyone to build LGPro with the module and lesson structure your slides provide.

For those of you tasked with supporting instructor-led training by building basic participant guides and facilitator guides, LeaderGuide Pro Elements is an elegantly simple solution to an often painful challenge. Building training materials is not easy and you never seem to have enough time to get the job done right. As anyone who's ever attended a training session knows, it's pretty common to just end up receiving a copy of the slides. Elements allows you to significantly up your game by creating consistent, attractive 508 compliant materials very fast. And Elements is easy to use.

For instructional designers, instructional writers, subject matter experts, trainers, teachers and anyone responsible for building and maintaining facilitator guides and participant guides to support technical and professional development training programs we offer LeaderGuide Pro Plus. This powerful training document development tool cuts the time it takes to develop facilitator guides and participant guides by 50 - 80%. And 508 compliance is built in. There is no other product that does what LeaderGuide Pro Plus does.

Customer reviews:

"I love zAPPs-apps!" - Colleen Wessel, Training Project Administrator, Gas Technology Institute

"george! goes way beyond the PPT handout print function..."  - Kristin J. Arnold, MBA, CPF, CMC, CSP President, QPC Inc. - The Extraordinary Team

“LeaderGuide Pro has changed the way I work...” - Gaye Freedman Ed.D, Learning Solutions Architect at MGM University


Recent News from Great Circle Learning

NEW LeaderGuide Pro Release for Elements & Plus

LeaderGuide Pro Plus version

Release Date: September 18, 2015

Release Information:

LeaderGuide Pro Elements is incorporated into this version of Plus. The choice of which version to run, LeaderGuide Pro Plus or LeaderGuide Pro Elements, is made from the “Help” menu on the LGPro ribbon tab.   Read more »

LeaderGuide Pro version is available

Release Date: September 11, 2015

Runs with: Office 2016, 2013, 2010 and 2007 on a PC

What's new:   Read more »

Update Available - LeaderGuide Pro Plus v11.0.1.6

LeaderGuide Pro Plus v11.0.1.6 is available.

This version 11 update release is free for all LeaderGuide Pro Plus subscription license holders.

Release Date: August 28, 2015

Release Information:   Read more »