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Pro Media Controls: Change Links

Pro Media Controls group on The Collection ribbon

Use Change Links to quickly fix broken links or change the link type on images.

This function works on images set as Linked or Linked and Embedded.

To Change Links

Change Links dialog box
  1. Click on Change Links to open the Change Links dialog box.
  2. Choose All or Selective. If Selective, select the images in the document first.
  3. You will see the number of linked images and embedded images you have
  4. Select the Link type to change.
  5. Select the new link type to change to.
  6. Click New Folder to navigate to change the folder path to the linked images.
  7. Learn more below.


About Change Links

Having linked images in a file does save file size but when you change the image's directory location or email the file to someone else, those links are broken and an “X” replaces the image in your document. 

With Zapps Pro, image links can quickly be fixed by correcting the linked folder path or changing the type of link on the images.

The Linked images count shown includes those set as "Linked" and "Linked and Embedded" types. For further information on image file link types see Microsoft Word help. 

In most documents, the Zapps Pro "Change Picture Link" function only works on "Linked" or "Linked and Embedded" image types in your file. It does not change an existing embedded image into a linked or linked and embedded image type. However, if you inserted embedded images into the document using Zapps Pro, as long as the original path to that image is still valid, Zapps Pro will use it in the “Change Picture Link” function. It can do that because Zapps Pro saves the full path to the image, similar to how a linked image path is stored.

Prior to starting a selective change of a linked image path or type, select in the document the specific images or range of images to change.

If you are changing the folder path to the linked images, click the New Folder button and use the Folder Explorer function to identify the new source location for the images. The new full pathname to the folder containing the images is placed in the text box. All filenames of the pictures must match exactly the names as they were when originally inserted into the document.

If you are not changing the path location and simply want to change the linked image to embedded, in the "Links" group mark "Linked" and in the "Change to" group mark the "Embedded" button. Zapps Pro will use the linked image’s current source location and filename and insert them into the document as an embedded image type.



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