Software Release Information



Release Date:  September 4, 2019

The following changes are in the version of LeaderGuide Pro

  1. Corrected an issue that prevented offline registration and activation.





Release Date:  August 7, 2019

The following changes are in the version of LeaderGuide Pro

  1. Corrected an issue that prevented in some cases, LGPro AutoCorrect entries from loading.

  2. Corrected bug that prevented user edits to the Header/Footer area of LGPro guidebooks.

  3. Corrected bug that blocked LGPro table rows from being manually deleted.

  4. Corrected bug that prevented the Create PPT from Text function from working properly.

  5. Added functionality for users of Office 2010 and 2013 that converts the LGPro template to their installed version of Microsoft Office and helps stop compatibility mode issues.


Release Date:  June 18, 2019

Initial major release of this new version of LeaderGuide Pro. New features/functions include:

  1. Interfaces to new online store

  2. New licensing software interface

  3. New global add-in manager for all Great Circle Learning products

  4. New storage location for all LGPro Masters files, including Custom Collections, in the User's Home Directory.

  5. Miscellaneous user identified bug fixes found in earlier 13.0 version of the product.


Release Date:  December 11, 2018

The following changes are in the version of LeaderGuide Pro

  1. A bug fix to correct an issue that potentially could occur during extracts from one guidebook to another when Data Table blocks were included in the items being extracted.


Release Date:  October 20, 2018

The following changes are in the version of LeaderGuide Pro

  1. Required security update due to a Microsoft Office 2019 vulnerability.


Release Date:  October 6, 2018

The following changes are in the version of LeaderGuide Pro

  1. Fixed an issue that occurred in the final dialog box when adding or replacing slides.


Release Date:  October 4, 2018

The following changes are in the version of LeaderGuide Pro

  1. Fixed an issue that occurred on Participant Guide to New Participant Guide Extracts where the section break between the Table of Contents was erroneously being removed.

  2. Fixed an issue where the Course ID, if used, was not transferring to extracted Participant Guide.

  3. The ribbon icon for inserting a Break, which appears in the Module/Lesson Control group, can now be customized.

  4. A ribbon accessible feature to Clear Formatting of selected text is now added to the Text/Table Formatting group.

  5. An internal consistency feature for custom icons used on a Facilitator Guide’s Module Page has been implemented. This new feature ensures that customized module page icons all display at the same size of 0.72” by 0.72”.

  6. Two new Document Conversion features are added to the Customize Parts ribbon menu.

    1. Convert Content Block Types – in an existing guidebook this function converts one block type being used to another.

    2. Convert to LGPro Format – this function strips the formatting of an existing document and prepares it for conversion to the LeaderGuide Pro format.

  7. Miscellaneous security fixes due to Microsoft Office 2016 and 2019 changes.


Release Date:  May 29, 2018

The following changes are in the version of LeaderGuide Pro

  1. Corrected bug that would prevent the Agenda times from being calculated and displayed properly in certain circumstances on the Extracted Agenda and Audit forms.

  2. Corrected bug that prevented custom script icons from being properly loaded and available for use in the Scripting Task Pane.

  3. Added a feature that now displays the existing custom icons that the user had previously added to their custom collection for use when customizing the Scripting Task Pane.


Release Date:  April 10, 2018

The following changes are in the version of LeaderGuide Pro

  1. Added 2 files necessary to the proper building of Participant Guides.


Release Date:  March 12, 2018

The following changes are in the version of LeaderGuide Pro

  1. Fix for an error that could occur when building a Lesson Only Content Part.

  2. Altered the method of how we remove Styles in the new Knowledge Check Answer Removal function. On certain system configurations it was uncovered that Word could go into a “not responding” mode and never recover. It required force quitting the Word application. We have changed the method in which we search the document for these answer styles, and have corrected the situation.


Release Date:  March 3, 2018

The following changes are in the version of LeaderGuide Pro

  1. Adds a new feature on the Special menu: Remove Knowledge Check Answers. This function will remove, hide or show designated styles in a Facilitator or Participant document. This is helpful for those whose want to include in Facilitator Guides, the Answers to Knowledge Check Questions and exclude them from extracted Participant guidebooks.

  2. Corrects a problem that could occur when the new paragraph styles were added for the customization of column 3 formatting.


Release Date:  February 22, 2018

The following changes are in the version of LeaderGuide Pro

  1. Support of Office 2019, which should be released mid-2018, is included.

  2. Net Framework 4.6.1 is required in order to install and run this version of LeaderGuide Pro.

  3. One install file is now handling both the 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Office.

  4. Support for Office 2007 is dropped. Version 12 of LeaderGuide Pro is last version that supports this version of Office.

    1. The version 12 release of LeaderGuide Pro that does support Office 2007 remains available for download; however, support for the version 12 release of LeaderGuide Pro is also dropped.

  5. Elements Pro is split from the full version of LeaderGuide Pro. There will be a separate install file for Elements Pro coming in March 2018.

    1. In the meantime the version 12 release of LeaderGuide Pro that includes Elements Pro remains available for download. 

  6. The software now attempts to self-register if an active subscription to LeaderGuide Pro v12 was installed immediately prior to installing LeaderGuide Pro v13.

    1. This may still have a few issues that we are trying to sort out. Please contact us if you experience issues.

  7. Additional support for “Thin” virtual operating environments has been included.

    1. Please contact us for additional assistance if you are running this type of environment.

  8. Custom Collections created in LeaderGuide Pro version 12 are automatically carried over to version 13 and internal changes to control files needed for version 13 are automatically made.

  9. Substantial updates, additions and improvements overall have been made to the to Help files and the Help button drop-down menu. For the dialog box help videos, which are accessed by clicking the little blue TVs, the default is now to link to the online videos.

    1. If you are blocked from going to outside websites, there is an option to download local versions of the help videos.

    2. To utilize this option, select it in the Help button drop-down menu.

  10. Module Times are now displayed in hours and minutes on Facilitator Guide Module pages.

    1. Formerly on these pages, time was displayed only in total minutes. Based on user feedback, this has been changed.

    2. Existing module pages are automatically updated when the TAG button is clicked.

  11. Column widths of the Training at a Glance (TAG) are now customizable.

  12. The Insertable Script task pane is now customizable. This single task pane and its new functionality also replace the 12 panels of insertable icons that formerly existed.

  13. The size of icons inserted from the Insertable Script task pane can be adjusted by a Preference setting in the LeaderGuide Pro Preferences dialog.

  14. The Logo, copyright and more... Default Preferences setting option on the Parts button drop-down menu is renamed to LeaderGuide Pro Preferences.

  15. The default column background shading and default paragraph style settings, including font, color, etc. for the 3rd column, in 3-column guidebooks, is now customizable. This feature has been added so that facilitator notes and other important information can be highlighted and referenced better visually, while otherwise maintaining consistency within all guidebooks.

  16. For 3-column guidebooks, the “synced page number” information reference can now be set to display in column 3.

    1. Formally the synced page reference could only display in column 1. And the default placement remains Column 1.

    2. To utilize this new feature, select it in the LeaderGuide Pro Preferences dialog box, which is accessed via the Parts button drop-down menu.

  17. When the icon for the Projection Block (a.k.a. Slide Block) is optionally hidden, the column 1 Slide number text is also hidden. Any other control text, such as Time or Page Number will also be hidden.

  18. The extracted Agenda and Agenda Audit documents can now be customized. They are included in the Guidebook Parts in each Collection.

  19. The stem of the Revision Date reference can now be customized.

    1. To utilize this new feature, select it in the LeaderGuide Pro Preferences dialog box, which is accessed via the Parts button drop-down menu.

  20. Extensive improvements have been made to the LGPro Numbering function, including the option to utilize an alternative Style Guide that provides a numbered list formatting setup more conducive to numbered lists that contain images, lines for answers to questions, etc.

    1. To utilize this new feature: create and modify a custom collection, or modify an existing custom collection, selecting Style Guide 2 - Paragraph Styles in the Guidebook Parts drop-down menu when in the Modify a Parts Collection task pane.

  21. Two new buttons are now included on the ribbon in the Text/Table Formatting group. A button that inserts a single line. And a button that inserts an Answer line. 

  22. Major changes the Picture Resize function accessed from the Special menu.

  23. A new Insert Pictures and Text Objects function is added to the ribbon in the Insert group.

  24. Various minor bug fixes and other internal processing efficiencies.

Watch a New Features Overview presented on February 23, 2018 by our Chief Product Architect, Richard Michaels.


Release Date:  April 30, 2017

The following changes are in the version of LeaderGuide Pro and Elements.

  1. Corrected an error that was preventing selective extracts from one guidebook to another from performing. (LeaderGuide Pro Only)

  2. Added a user selectable preference for removing the border line that appears by default, in the table header columns of lessons. The label headers remain shaded.

  3. Added a user selectable preference for always recalculating lessons times based on the cumulative content block timings. The default setting remains the same, which does not recalculate the lesson time if the individual content blocks times do not exceed the current lesson time setting.

  4. Added the ability on all user interface dialogs to maximize the dialog to full screen and to add the open UI dialog to the task bar. This should mitigate the rare situation where a LGPro UI dialog could not display fully on low resolution monitors. It should also help the user locate an open UI dialog that has become buried behind other open application windows.

  5. Added a feature tocarry forward previous user preference settings after a new version release of the application is installed. Currently this new feature only works within the 12.0 version of LeaderGuide Pro and Elements. 11.0 version preferences are not carried forward to the 12.0 version.

  6. Now lists a Module’s time in the Training at a Glance (TAG) as Hours and Minutes if the module time is greater than 60 minutes.


Release Date:  February 8, 2017

  1. This is a mandatory Security Update for registering LeaderGuide Pro Plus and Elements serial numbers with the secure Digital River Inc. servers. Digital River is the exclusive reseller of Great Circle Learning software products.


Release Date:  December 16, 2016

  1. For customers using the Instructor Guide Scripting Template (IGST), there is now a new faster method for importing the Instructor Guide Scripting Template data into a LeaderGuide Pro facilitator guide.

  2. Corrects a situation that could occur when creating a new Facilitator or Participant Guidebook where the cover page and acknowledgement page did not separate properly and required the user to manually insert a page break. The software now attempts to identify this situation and correct it if it can.

End of Life version 9.0

LeaderGuide Pro version 9.0 and earlier

Effective Date: December 1, 2016

  1. All support for LeaderGuide Pro version 9.0 and earlier will cease.


Release Date: November 30, 2016

  1. For both LGPro Plus and Elements a Security Fix has been implemented to address and correct Activation issues caused by required changes for our online registration service with Digital River and their PCI compliance.


Release Date: November 12, 2016

  1. For both LGPro Plus and Elements a temporary work around was implemented to allow manual Activation while we addressed issues caused by required changes for our online registration with Digital River and their PCI compliance.


Release Date: September 13, 2016

  1. For both LGPro Plus and Elements a security modification has been made to improve the Activation process and protect the software more completely from piracy.

  2. A correction to the Librarian Delete Module function has been made so that page numbering is restarted properly in documents using the “Start Modules on Odd Pages” after the first module is deleted.


Release Date:  August 28, 2016

  1. For both LGPro Plus and Elements an update has been made to how the GoTo feature operates. Included now on the GoTo Menu is an option to Repeat the Previous GoTo Next command. The software will remember your last LeaderGuide Pro GoTo command that you pressed during the current document editing session and repeat it, finding the next entry in your document. You can also include this button on your QAT for even easier access.

  2. Additional status messages have been added to the Extract dialog of LeaderGuide Pro Plus. With the advent of the Time Tracking and Restart List Numbering features of LeaderGuide Pro Plus, the Extract function takes a bit longer to run. To insure that you don’t start thinking the Extract is not working, we have added additional status messages that display on the bottom of the Extract dialog.

  3. To overcome a problem caused by users pasting styled text and graphics into cell 1 of the lesson tables, which interfered with the extract function, we have added additional error checking and the software now attempts to bypass the problem without terminating the extract early. If the finished content block extract does not meet your expectations, check cell 1 of all content rows of your source document carefully. You are not supposed to alter the Style Name of these cells. These cells should only contain one Style Name and it should begin with “zLGPIcon…”

  4. If the user preference was set for Modules Starting on Odd Pages, the Librarian Insert function was not functioning properly. That has now been corrected and it will insert Odd Page Section Breaks instead of regular page breaks.
    Corrected a problem in the Sync Content Blocks function that could lead to an infinite loop situation and it would be necessary to abort the processing.


Release Date:  August 4, 2016

  1. Fixes an error that was occurring if the user attempted to use a v11 Custom Collection they had manually added to v12. Two new files were missing from the old v11 Collections, which caused some problems. The program will now create those files if they are found to be missing.

  2. Fixes the Agenda extract that caused an error if a user tried to extract both an Agenda and Audit Report without first closing and reopening the Extract Agenda dialog. The problem has been corrected and both reports can now be created without having to first close and reopen the dialog when producing the second report.

  3. Adds functionality to automatically insert a v12 Module Overview page into v11 leader guides as they are used with v12 in the following ways: Upon extract from a leader guide to a leader guide; upon Attaching a Collection; upon using Librarian to Insert Archived (v11) Modules. In each instance, a v12 module page in inserted to replace the old v11 page and the content is copied over. The user needs to visit each module page to configure the Module Time block.


Release Date:  May 21, 2016

  1. Fixed the way Breaks add to eliminate extra work.

  2. Fixed the Attach to New Document function to allow the ability to add blocks and the ability to click the TAG button and see a time roll up.

  3. Enhanced the slide numbering options to ensure easy ability to Replace slides.

  4. Enhanced the Sync function to allow a mixed Sync that includes a page # only since for designated blocks and a sync content only for designated blocks.


Release Date: May 20, 2016


Release Date: March 21, 2016

  1. Updated Help menu link to connect to new online tutorials on the Great Circle Learning website.

  2. Fixed issue that caused content block extraction and syncing to fail if blocks were in sections that were added by the user after the standard LGPro Section 3.

NOTE: On April 1, 2016 the auto-renew feature was removed from the "12-months 1-payment" subscription plan. Renewals are welcome and encouraged, but you must take action to initiate the renewal. The auto-renew feature is still in place for the "12-months 12-payments" subscription plan.


Release Date: February 22, 2016

  1. New logo added.

  2. Bug fix on Show/Hide, Extract, and Sync dialogs that kept customized ribbon icons from displaying on the dialog.

  3. Change in the ribbon xml coding, which builds the custom LGPro ribbon, that would produce an erroneous error message on certain installations of Office 2016 for the PC if there wasn’t a full version of Net Framework installed on the computer.

  4. Corrected a situation where legacy LGP level 2 and 3 bullet styles used in version 10 and earlier documents were not being automatically converted properly to the version 11 styles. The result of the issue was a potential for level 2 and 3 bulleted text not being aligned/indented consistent with other levels in the list.

  5. A LeaderGuide Pro exclusive remedy to numbered list issue. All LGPro numbered lists now automatically restart at 1 any time a new numbered list is added.

Additional new features in version 11 since it's original release include:

  1. If slide images are added to column one as thumbnails they are left in place and not replaced by the LGP slide icon during the Attach function's icon updating.

  2. Table of Contents levels 3 - 9 are available for use by adding Headings 3 - 9 to document text and then clicking Update All Fields.

  3. Go To navigation issue was remedied so that all Go To navigation is working as expected.

  4. Alt Text is automatically added to all tables and images inserted into LGPro files to help ensure 508 compliance for screen readers.

  5. LeaderGuide Pro Elements is incorporated into LeaderGuide Pro Plus version 11. The choice of which software to run is controlled under the Help button.

  6. Full support for operating with Microsoft Windows 10 and Microsoft Office 2016 is included.

  7. Operating in an Office 2007 environment is supported with a separate download install file.

  8. A new Enterprise serial number registration method is available to simplify the process for organizations who deploy LeaderGuide Pro via a packaged image method.

  9. Instructional videos are embedded in dialog boxes to provide immediate assistance to users. The videos are also accessible from the Help button drop down menu.


LeaderGuide Pro Plus Version 12 Preview


LeaderGuide Pro Plus version 12 is in development. The anticipated release date is mid-May 2016. The video is a recording of a presentation made by our Chief Product architect, Rich Michaels. It is a close look at the new features. And, here is a list of some of the new features.

Course ID tracking/searching

This feature adds an optional Course ID in new guidebooks, when they are created. The Course ID is stored as a Keyword (Tag) with the guidebook and all extracted Cases, Handouts and Assessments automatically. The Course ID will be added to any PowerPoint files that are Imported into the Guidebook. From Windows File Explorer you then are able to search on this Keyword value and locate all documents associated with the master facilitator guide. Of course Librarian will also be storing this Course ID.

Time Tracking

This  feature provides the option to add a time tag to all activities within a lesson. These individual times will automatically roll up into a total lesson time block that is inserted at the start of each new lesson. Lesson time blocks then automatically roll up to the Module time block that already exists on Module pages. And finally these Module times automatically roll-up to the Training at a Glance table. Two reports can also be produced from this Time Tracking function. They are a Course Agenda document, which includes Start and End times by Module and Lesson as well as lesson hours if CEU tracking is a requirement, and a Course Audit document that can be used when piloting a new course and someone is available to monitor the class and keep track of actual timings.

Virtual Classroom facilitator guide format

The new Virtual Classroom facilitator guide format interacts seamlessly with the new PowerPoint Scripting function in Zapps Pro The Collection.

Slide images are added to column one with the scripted "Time on Slide" placed below. The new Time Tracking feature then applies.

Instructional Cues for Say, Do, Ask and Transition are transferred with the slide notes into column 2 for the facilitator.

Producer cues for Breakout, Chat, Poll, and Upload Files are transferred to column 3.


Customizable lesson table column widths

For as long as LeaderGuide Pro has been out there users have been asking for the ability to control the table column widths and we are finally making it happen! This new feature also includes the ability to change table cell borders and colors.

New PowerPoint tagging function

This new feature makes it easier and more intuitive for adding Table of Contents tags to PowerPoint files being imported into LeaderGuide Pro documents.

New User Preference Settings

Users can set personal preferences for how certain LGPro features work for them, including:

  • Tab leaders for Table of Contents. Choose whether or not to add dotted line tab leaders for TOC level 3 - 9 entries.

  • PowerPoint Slide Numbering restart by Course or Module. Choose whether to restart slide numbering at 1 for each new module or let the LGPro numbering run sequentially through the entire document.

  • Auto insertion of Time and Objective blocks at the start of each new lesson. Choose whether or not to automatically add these blocks at the start of each new lesson.

  • Automatically start Modules on odd numbered pages. Choose whether or not to automatically ensure that new modules always start on an odd numbered page.