Software Tab and Ribbon Disappeared

If you have installed our software and you do not see the software tab along the top of your screen, that means the add-in has been disabled.

This can happen after forcing the application to close unnaturally with "CTRL-ALT-DELETE". Or after a crash. Or because your anti-virus software is set to block add-ins from loading.

To restore your add-in:

You must either re-enable it, or set your anti-virus software to allow the add-in to run.

  • First, follow SOFT steps below. (Add-in is in the Inactive list)
  • Then, use the HARD steps if needed. (Add-in is in the Disabled list)
  • Your software tab and ribbon should now be appearing along the top of your screen





In Word (or PowerPoint), click the File tab or Microsoft Office Button



Click on Options and then click on Add-Ins


Look in the Inactive Application Add-ins list for the software you are missing. Assuming you see what you are looking for, continue with steps 4-6. If not, move on to the HARD steps below.


Look down to the box next to "Manage"



COM Add-ins should be showing in the box next to Manage. Click Go 


In the COM Add-Ins dialog box, check the box next to the disabled add-in and click OK





If you don't see your software in the Inactive Application Add-ins list then look in Disabled Application Add-ins and assuming you see the add-in there...


In the Manage box click the little down arrow to view the menu, select Disabled Add-ins, and click Go



Select the add-in and click Enable



Now, change the Manage box back to COM Add-ins and click Go.



In the COM Add-Ins dialog box, check the box next to the disabled add-in and click OK


Click Close and you should be all set



If the add-in will not stay enabled

Contact your IT support. Ask them to make sure you have the necessary user privileges, which are listed in our System Requirements.


If you have the necessary user privileges, it could be that your anti-virus software is preventing your Great Circle Learning software from running. In this case, use your computer's Control Panel to uninstall, temporarily disable your anti-virus software, re-install, open the host application (Word or PowerPoint), allow the Great Circle Learning software to initialize, and then re-enable your anti-virus software.

If your missing add-in is not listed in the Inactive or Disabled lists when following the SOFT and HARD steps

This suggests that the problem is being caused by your anti-virus software. Please ask your IT support to set your anti-virus to allow the add-in to run

If the problem is not your anti-virus software, this suggests a problem with the install, such as:

  • not having the system admin privilege required to install software
  • not meeting our system requirements
  • a system sync/save setting that is interfering with setup
  • a user profile corruption.

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