Trouble Saving or Extracting with One Drive

If you are saving your files to One Drive and are having trouble...

If the trouble is related to using the LeaderGuide Pro Extract function:

Save a copy of your file to a local drive and then run the extract.

Other issues related to using One Drive include the way One Drive is set to sync.

In some cases the One Drive sync setting can interfere with the steps our software needs to run in the background in order to complete the automated task at hand. To address this you need to go into your One Drive settings.

If your computer is automatically saving to One Drive and you would like to change that:

Use your OneDrive app settings to change where your files are saved by default.

Follow the steps below to set where your files are saved.


In the Notifications area at the bottom of your Windows desktop screen:

Right-click the OneDrive icon and then click Settings

(You might have to click Show hidden icons to find OneDrive)


In the Settings box, on the Auto save tab, under Documents and Pictures, click the list at Documents or Pictures and pick the default save location you want. Your choices will be This PC only or OneDrive.


About This PC only: When you create a file, the Documents or Pictures folder under This PC is the first-choice location offered to save it. The file is not saved to OneDrive unless you do so separately, and it is available only on the PC you used to save it.


About OneDrive: When you create a file, the first location offered is within the Documents or Pictures folder under OneDrive. Because these folders sync to your PC, files you save there are available on your PC, even when it's not connected to the Internet. And you can use any device with an Internet connection to access your files.


No matter which default setting you choose, you still can select the save location you want each time you save a file. When you click Save for new files or Save As for existing files, click OneDrive or This PC and then pick a folder to save your file to.


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