Choose from two license types for Great Circle Learning Software Products


Perpetual License

Requires one payment upfront and that is all. 


Subscription License

Requires recurring payments, either monthly or annually.


Purchase a license seat for each user.

When you purchase a quantity of 2 or more in a single order, one serial number will be issued that will allow activation of the quantity purchased.

A Perpetual License will
run forever...


But only with the specific version of Great Circle Learning software you purchase.

And only with the specific version of Microsoft Office the license is tied to when you purchase.


You will need to buy a new license when:

  • you want to upgrade, and/or
  • your version of Office changes.


A Subscription License runs
for a 12-month term

  • Includes free upgrades to new releases of the software as they are issued during your subscription term
  • Runs interchangeably with Office 2016, 2013, 2010 and 2007 on a PC
  • Runs with Office 365 as long as one of the desktop versions of Office is installed

A Subscription License
offers Two Payment Plans


12-Months / 1-Payment

Pay once upfront for all 12 months.



12-Months / 12-Payments

Pay for 30 days at time

  • Must be purchased with a credit card
  • Automatically charges your credit card every 30 days until cancelled.


A subscription license can be cancelled at any time. Cancellation stops the next scheduled billing and ends the subscription. 

Cancelling a 12-Month 12-Payment Subscription ends the monthly billing. 

Cancelling a 12-Month 1-Payment Subscription ends the ability to renew or modify the subscription.


There are no partial refunds.

If you cancel a Subscription part way through the paid term, the license will continue to run until either:

  • the expiration date for a 1-payment subscription;
  • or until the next scheduled monthly billing date for a 12-payment subscription.

How to Purchase


Please use our secure online store to make your purchase.

Great Circle Learning e-commerce and software license services are managed by Digital River Inc. for maximum security and efficiency. 

All Sales are Final


There are no refunds on the purchase of software licenses or services rendered.

Please notify us immediately if a mistake has been made, so that we can resolve the problem.

For more information please see our STORE page. 

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And we look forward to working with you.

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