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“We never could have kept all the parts and pieces organized and flowing smoothly.”

Trane University was developing a completely new program, people in the field were calling it a boot camp for newly hired associates.

Ultimately the program included pre-reading in an industry text book, 2 weeks in-residence training, 2 weeks back home on the job skill reinforcement and a final 2 weeks in-residence. The program uses 3 or 4 different instructors, makes daily use of ‘clicker’ technology, and consists of approximately 40% hands-on activities.

Without our LeaderGuide Pro leader guides we never could have kept all the parts and pieces organized and flowing smoothly. In addition, the students really appreciate their books which give them a place to take notes alongside the graphical details being shared on the screen. Edits and assembly are pretty quick and simple for such a large complex training program.

Pam Fulwider, Lead ISD | Trane University

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“A great product for consultants.”

I just wanted to send you a quick note to let you know how much I continue to value the Elements Pro software. I used it again for a recent second run of a Leadership Academy for which I did considerable edits from the last sessions series of workbooks. I was able to easily use the software now and it has worked extremely well for me with very professional looking results.  

Just today I cancelled my subscription only because I will not be using it for a while. Please know this, in no way, is an expression of dissatisfaction. I will be a long time user of the software. I also continue to recommend this product to other consultants. The fact that you send a notice about the monthly subscription and make it easy to turn and turn off the software investment is that much more of an argument for a great product to use for consultants. So... big thanks!

Mike Travis, Founder and Principal | Cobalt Leadership Group

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“Your software … increased the quality of my training.”

I’m excited to learn more. I have to say that your instructions for creating the facilitator’s guide have caused me to look at my outline differently. I went back and changed all of the titles from my PowerPoint so they fit more accurately in my Table of Contents. In doing this it made my content easier to understand. So using your software not only made things easier to build and put together, but it also increased the quality of my training.

W. Stanford Lane | Instructional Designer, Learning & Development Programs | Quantum Health

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“I have finally found what I've been searching for.”

After, literally, years of searching for software that can simplify the process of creating professionally designed training materials, I have finally found what I've been searching for.  Not only does the LeaderGuide Pro software from Great Circle Learning deliver on its promises to ensure consistency and cut the development time in half, but it has also enabled me to become a better Instructional Designer.  The software was clearly developed by someone who understands the field of training and development and the struggles that go into creating consistent training materials.  The support they have provided to help me get up and running quickly with this software further confirmed that I made a great choice in selecting this software.  I only wish I had discovered it sooner.

Susan Pannozzo, CHA, CHT | Sr. Training Consultant, Quality/F&B Training AMER | IHG®

"This is magical."


I like how the Learning Design Tool walks the user through the process of thinking through the best approach to a learning project; it helps you create valid objectives and, at the end, puts everything in one place for review/approval. And then, once the design doc is approved, you can automatically generate the entire structure of your instructor guide! This is magical.

Tara Aukerman  |  Instructional Designer

“I'd have been lost without your help.”


I had a technical document that needed a lot of clean up in terms of formatting and styles. I'm an intermediate user of Word, but I was struggling. Although after working with Rich on this project, I can almost say "I'm very good with Word." :-) I went looking for help and some guy charged me $125 for about 1/8 the amount of work Rich did. And I paid two other people an hourly rate of $70 and they didn't even end up helping me. And then I found Rich Michaels on the Microsoft MVP site. Rich fixed my formatting issues and gave me a great tip I can use in other documents too. I'd have been lost without your help.

Scott Tiner

"I don’t know if I would still be in business
if I hadn’t found LeaderGuide Pro."


”I started using LeaderGuide Pro in 2008 when I started my own business doing software training for a simulation tool. Luckily LeaderGuide Pro was my first purchase. I don’t know if I would have still been in business if I hadn’t found it. I was able to use LGPro to create all of my own training manuals fairly quickly and get my business started.  

After the face to face training was complete, I started moving into the online training space. Once again, LGPro was indispensable. With the eLearning, I created the content in PowerPoint first. Then I used Articulate to build the eLearning modules from the PPT content. I took the same PPT content and used LGPro to build out the paper copy of the training. Because both Articulate and LGP work off of PPT, the output is beautifully consistent and this is the perfect solution. This works great for both the students who like videos AND the students who like to read the printed paper manual and take notes on it.”   

Robin Clark  |  QMTGroup  

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