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the Learning Design Tool

"I like how the Learning Design Tool walks the user through the process of thinking through the best approach to a learning project; it helps you create valid objectives and, at the end, puts everything in one place for review/approval. And then, once the design doc is approved, you can automatically generate the entire structure of your instructor guide! This is magical."

Tara Aukerman  |  Instructional Designer

“I'd have been lost without your help.”


About our Microsoft MVP,
the developer of The Collection

“I had a technical document that needed a lot of clean up in terms of formatting and styles. I'm an intermediate user of Word, but I was struggling. Although after working with Rich on this project, I can almost say "I'm very good with Word." :-) I went looking for help and some guy charged me $125 for about 1/8 the amount of work Rich did. And I paid two other people an hourly rate of $70 and they didn't even end up helping me. And then I found Rich Michaels on the Microsoft MVP site. Rich fixed my formatting issues and gave me a great tip I can use in other documents too. I'd have been lost without your help.”

Scott Tiner |  May 4, 2017

"I don’t know if I would still be in business
if I hadn’t found LeaderGuide Pro."


LeaderGuide Pro

”I started using LeaderGuide Pro in 2008 when I started my own business doing software training for a simulation tool. Luckily LeaderGuide Pro (LGP) was my first purchase.  I don’t know if I would have still been in business if I hadn’t found LGP.  I was able to use LGP to create all of my own training manuals fairly quickly and get my business started.  

After the face to face training was complete, I started moving into the online training space.  Once again, LGP was indispensable.  With the eLearning, I created the content in PowerPoint (PPT) first.  Then I used Articulate to build the eLearning modules from the PPT content.  I took the same PPT content and used LGP to build out the paper copy of the training.  Because both Articulate and LGP work off of PPT, the output is beautifully consistent and this is the perfect solution. This works great for both the students who like videos AND the students who like to read the printed paper manual and take notes on it.”   

Robin Clark  |  QMTGroup  |  April 4, 2017  |  QMTGroup.com

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5 STARS - 

"Combine, extract, manage, and consistently format professional classroom materials - all in one app..." 

"LGP is amazing software program that creates a professional and custom guides with ease..."

"When you're ready to move your training materials to the next level..."

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Gary Tilkin has to say.

Gary is CEO and Founder of Gary Tilkin Consultants, Inc. and GTC Performance Improvement, LLC. Gary has been using LeaderGuide Pro for 10 years. Thank you Gary!


LeaderGuide Pro Plus automates the building of professionally formatted Word documents that organize instructional content in a logical, visual flow that works like sheet music to guide facilitators through the live delivery of instructional content. New facilitator and participant guides can be extracted from existing. Modules and Lessons are easily archived for reuse. Alt Text is automatically added to tables, images and objects to help ensure Accessibility and 508 Compliance.



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