Working with the
Instructional Strategies Section


The Instructional Strategies section contains placeholders for the following information...

  1. Delivery Format
  2. Adult Learning Strategies for the Course

  3. Learner Achievement Activities
  4. Evaluation Plan

How to Add Delivery Format Information

  1. Place your cursor in the gray shaded area under the Delivery Format heading.
  2. Type in a description of how the course content is delivered and explain why this method(s) was selected.

  3. Because you are in a Word document you can also copy content from another document and paste it in.

If you Copy and Paste

  1. Place your cursor in the spot where you want to add the copied content
  2. Click the Paste Unformatted button, which is in the Text Formating group on the LDT ribbon

  3. This will add your copied content in the text style that is consistent with your Design Document style guide, for the most professional appearance.

Adult Learning Strategies for the Course

  1. Place your cursor in the gray shaded area under Description and next to Involvement.
  2. Enter a description of how the learner is involved in the planning and evaluation of their instruction.

  3. Move to Experience and enter a description of how the learners' experience and background is integrated into their instruction.

  4. Move to Relevance and enter a description of how the the learners are shown the relevance and impact of their instruction.

  5. Move to Problem-Centered and enter a description of how the instruction is problem-centered versus content-oriented.

How to Add Learner Achievement Activities

Do not type Learning Objectives into the Learner Achievement Activities table.
When you are ready to add Learner Achievement Activities, the use the function on the LDT ribbon.
This function draws on the Learning Objectives in the Instructional Analysis section of your Design Document, so you must add Learning Objectives before you can add Learner Achievement Activities.
  1. Click Learner Achievement on the LDT ribbon
  2. You will be asked if you would like to add Learner Achievement Activities for all of your learning objectives, both terminal and enabling, or for only your terminal objectives.

  3.  After you answer the question, the Learner Achievement Activities table will populate.

How to Build Out the Learner Achievement Table

Here is an example of what the Learner Achievement Table looks like after some terminal and enabling learning objectives have been added. Complete this information by adding achievement activity types, briefly describe them, and then describe how learner feedback is provided.

How to to add achievement activity types

  1. Starting with terminal objective 1.0 and working logically down your list of objectives, click where it says "Click to choose a type of activity"
  2. You will be presented with a list of achievement activities that align with the level of learning. Click to select an activity type.
  3. Immediately below the activity type, add a brief description of the assessment activity.
  4. To the right of the activity type, enter a description of how learner feedback is to be provided.

Smart User Tip

Customize the Learner Achievement Activities

  • Activity Title
  • Activity Description
  • Feedback Description 

Learn about customizing the Learner Achievement Activities.

How to Add an Evaluation Plan

  1. Place your cursor in the gray shaded area under the Evaluation Plan heading.
  2. Enter a description of  the strategies that will be used to evaluate the success of the course.

  3. Be careful not to type in the area containing the non-printing red text, and do not delete the Section Break.


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