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A practical method for the consistent, floor-level application of Instructional Design theory.


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A reliable way to consistently craft
instructionally sound Design Documents

The Learning Design Tool is an advance organizer and job aide for Instructional Designers. It increases productivity and provides a way to standardize how Instructional Design is practiced in your organization.The Learning Design Tool allows you to control


Design Document structure and formatting


The Domains and Action Verbs used in constructing learning objectives


What course writers receive as the basis for developing facilitator guides.




Speed through the Design phase

The Learning Design Tool is a Word add-in that provides practical assistance in performing the key tasks involved in building a Design Document.


Smart Template

Provides an Instructional Design Document template


Consistently Create

Branded, formatted Design Documents


Course ID

Add an ID that is a searchable Windows Explorer field


Audit Trail

  • Use the Course ID to locate all documents you import data from
    and export data to

  • Generate reports with audit trail data


Automate Data Import

  • Analysis phase data

  • ISD and SME bios

  • Instructional Activity data


Automate Construction of Terminal
and Enabling Learning Objectives

  • Supportable, based on Blooms Taxonomy


Automate Addition and Mapping of
Learner Achievement Activities

  • Appropriate to the Learning Levels


Build Course Outlines

  • Constructed with Modules and Lessons based on
    the Learning Objectives

  • With placeholders for additional relevant data



Course Outlines for use as the basis of Facilitator Guides


Here is an example of the base Design Document the Learning Design Tool creates for you.


Jump-start the Development phase


Once your Design Document is built you will have a detailed Course Outline. Your Course Outline forms the basis of your facilitator guide. 

Extract your detailed Course Outline to

  • Word

  • PowerPoint

  • IGST (Instructor Guide Scripting Template)

  • LeaderGuide Pro


If you extract to LeaderGuide Pro a full 3-column facilitator guide will be created, ready for your course writers to build out, in Word, with LeaderGuide Pro.

About the LDT Automation

The Learning Design Tool provides two types of automation Mechanical and Cognitive.


Mechanical Automation

The mechanical automation logically and consistently builds Design Documents that produce a detailed Course Outline with:

  • Modules based on Terminal Objectives

  • Lessons based on Enabling Objectives

  • Module Achievement Lessons built from Learner Achievement Activities


With placeholder prompts for:

  • Module Overview

  • Lesson Overview

  • Module Time

  • Lesson Time

  • Required resources

  • Instructional Activity Types

The mechanical automation also extracts your Course Outline for use as the basis of a Facilitator Guide.


Cognitive Automation

The cognitive automation functions assist Instructional Designers in:

Organizing and focusing their thinking by providing a logical process for adding information

Constructing properly formed learning objectives by providing data forms populated with your standardized domains and action verbs

Sequencing and structuring the Course content to provide the best learning environment

Validating the decisions made as the Design Document is constructed.

Because there is no other tool that does what the Learning Design Tool does...


The best way to fully grasp what it can do to assist you is to try it. You can try it for free for 3 days. Learn about the free trial and get started.

Customize for your Organization

One of the purposes of the Learning Design Tool is to assist you in standardizing the implementation of Instructional Design within your organization. There are a number of ways to customize your Learning Design Tool software.


Learning Domains

Select the ones that you want to use:

Cognitive, Psychomotor and Affective


Default Domain

Choose your preferred domain. Based on your selection, when the Learning Objectives dialog opens, the Learning Levels and Learning Type settings associated with your default domain are pre-loaded.


Taxonomy of Knowledge

Choose your preferred taxonomy

Bloom Original
Knowledge, Comprehension, Application, Analysis, Synthesis, and Evaluation.  

Bloom Revised
Remembering, Understanding, Applying, Analyzing, Evaluating, and Creating.


Taxonomy of Skill

The Learning Design Tool uses the skill taxonomy of Ravindra H. Dave because it is best aligned with the education of adults.

There are two other models, one by Simpson and the other Harrow, and we are open to comments/feedback about possibly offering these in the future.


Taxonomy of Attitude

The Learning Design Tool uses the only taxonomy of this domain, published by Dr. David Krathwohl.


Learning Objective Usage

Controls whether or not the LDT records tracking information on

  • the Learning Objective reference numbers and to where they have been extracted.

  • the source documents that content was imported from.


Learning Objective Action Verbs

Customize the verbs for the Knowledge, Skills and Attitude domains


Learning Objective Measurement Criterion

Create a custom list of organizationally approved criteria to plug into your learning objective descriptions


Learner Achievement Activities

Create a selection of well-written, learner-centered descriptions of the exercises, tests and activities your organization will use to clearly demonstrate that the learner has accomplished the goals defined by your learning objectives. Use to quickly populate the Learner Achievement Activity section of your design document.


Content Structure Activities

Customize the list of Instructional Cues that can be used to build out the Course Outline. These cues form the basis of the step by step direction to be provided to the instructor in the facilitator guide that will be built from the course outline.


Document Styles

Customize the fonts and paragraph styles used in your Design Documents to align with your corporate style guide standards.


Cover Pages

Create as many custom cover pages as you need 


And once you have customized you can

  • Share your customizations

  • Import shared customizations

  • Restore default settings




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