How to Download


Use the Download button

Each software page has a Download button. Or, use the Download tab and select the software you need.

Downloads are free.

Our website always provides the most current software.

Please Save the software install file to your computer rather than running the install over the internet.

A saved install file can be used to run installs on multiple machines.

Check your Operating System

Make sure you download the install file that matches the bit version of your Operating System, either 32-bit or 64-bit Windows.

  1. Open Windows File Explorer. (This is where you go to Save or to find a file.)

  2. Select your C drive.

  3. You have 64-bit Windows if you see a folder named Program Files and a folder named Program Files (x86)

  4. You have 32-bit Windows if you see only one folder named Program Files.

Before you run an install

  1. Close Word and PowerPoint.

  2. If your computer hasn't been powered off recently, we recommend that you turn power down and give your computer several minutes rest before starting up and running the install.

If you need to re-download...

Use the Download links on this website.


How to Use After Purchase Services

Feel free to CONTACT US if you have questions
or need assistance.

How to stay current

Once you have the software installed and activated:

  1. Click Act'n DeAct

  2. Select Check for Update

  3. If an update is available you will be given the option to download it

Perpetual License holders

Please Save your install file. 

Your license is tied to version of software you purchased.

Our Download links provide only the most current release.


If you do not have your install file please contact us.


If you are having difficulty downloading or installing please contact us.