LeaderGuide Pro documents
are created from Collections. 


Collections corral your instructional content into logically organized, professionally formatted Word documents. Collections create documents that can be:


Facilitator Guides


Participant Guides


Document Parts

LeaderGuide Pro includes
3 Collections that can be...



to create your own custom collections.



to existing documents to automatically change the document's font styles, icons, headers and footers. And to convert content to your LeaderGuide Pro formats.


Each Collection includes


Cover page


Acknowledgements page


Table of Contents


Introductory Materials

  • Getting Started
  • Graphic Cues
  • Program in Perspective
  • Program Preparation

Training at a Glance


First New Module Overview page


First New Lesson page

Each Collection


Can be used to start a new:

  • Facilitator guide
  • Participant guide
  • Document part (module and lesson)

Provides unique:

  • cover page
  • headers and footers
  • fonts
  • icons

Delivers the same:

  • document structure
  • document parts

Can be set up with Lessons as: 

  • portrait or landscape orientation
  • narrow or wide margin
  • 2-column or 3-column table rows

Default Collection Example

Elegant Collection Example


Modern Collection Example


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