However many people contributed
to your project...

You have that many different page layouts, fonts, spacing between sentences, bulleted lists, numbered lists, images that don't stay put and the occasional "how did they do that?" treatment.

Cleaning up files like this is tedious
& time-consuming.

Which is why style guides are either rigidly enforced even when they aren't right for the given application or they are non-existent.


 The Collection automates five major areas of effort when editing Word documents. The result is speed, consistency, and confidence that nothing has been missed.

Intuitive & Easy to Use

The Collection makes fast work of document polishing...



Generate Alt Text for all images and objects in an open Word document; and locate and edit each instance of Alt Text in the document.


Style Editing

Locate and correct styles that are inconsistent with the Style Guide in use; remove extra spaces; correct hyphen inconsistencies; perform global style replacements. 


Numbered List Management

Locate all numbered lists; correct numbered lists that re-ordered sequentially; ensure that new numbered lists start at 1.


Document Controls

Import multiple Word files into an open document; extract multiple objects (such as charts, equations and shapes) into new or existing Word documents; update all fields (like the Table of Contents).


Media Management

Run batch imports of images; import PowerPoint slide images - all or selective; resize multiple imported images; add or remove borders on multiple images; find and fix broken links to imported images; save embedded images as reusable image files.

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The Collection assists you with



Save time

These Collection tools automatically make your media-rich Word documents accessible to screen readers for the blind and visually impaired.



Generate Alt Text

Add Alt Text for every picture, chart, shape, grouped shapes, Smart Art, table, text box and video in your open Word document - with just one click.


Locate & Edit Alt Text

Quickly locate and edit each instance of Alt Text in your open document. To make it more descriptive and truly aligned with the spirit of 508 compliance. 



Consistent = Professional

These Collection functions automate professional editing tasks for efficiency, consistency, and completeness.


Document Analysis

Compares the actual paragraph and text formatting in an open document against the formatting specified by the Style Guide in use. Finds all instances of direct formatting, where styles have been manually altered. Because as content is reused, direct formatting can cause unpredictable behavior.


Document Improvement

Used in conjunction with Document Analysis this function will correct the issues found. 

Improvements include: Global Style Replacement, Replace Font Size Direct Formatting to a Style, Remove Empty Paragraphs, Remove Double Spaces, Change Hyphens to Em Dash, Remove All Direct Formatting, Remove All Bold Direct Formatting, Remove All Italic Direct Formatting, Remove All Underline Direct Formatting, Remove All Font Color Direct Formatting, and Remove All Paragraph Direct Formatting.


File Doctor

Provides the ability to work with multiple files at once to rename files; convert files to other formats; and to password protect files to control opening and editing. 




Fix numbered lists fast

These Collection tools will find all of the numbered lists in your open document and re-start each list at 1. 


FYI: Under certain conditions Word is designed to continue numbering from the previous list as a new numbered list is added. This is why you sometimes need to manually re-start your numbered lists. This is also why your manual re-numbering is sometimes overridden by Word as new numbered lists are added. In a large document with a lot of numbered lists this can be quite time-consuming to fix. The Collection List Numbering tools give you control over this frustrating phenomenon.



Find New Numbered Lists

This function moves logically forward or backward through an open Word document, stopping at each numbered list to allow you to inspect each list for number sequence accuracy and to mark it for re-starting in the future, if re-starting is needed.


Link to New Numbered List

Set list markers to ensure accuracy. This function creates a record of the Style in use just before the occurrence of each numbered list in a document. The Styles are then used to locate the numbered lists when the lists need to be re-started.


Re-start Numbered List

This function re-starts a selected numbered list at 1, and optionally will scan the document for and re-start all numbered lists.



Multitask to Improve Productivity

These Collection tools make it possible for you to work with multiple files at once, instead of working one by one. 


Import Docs

Select and import multiple files into an open document, instead of manually copying and pasting one at a time.


Extract Objects

Mark various objects, images, and text for extract. Then, extract all into a new or existing document.


Update All Fields

This function refreshes all active fields in an open document, including the Table of Contents, hyperlinks, and sequentially numbered count fields.



Automate manual processes

These Collection tools automate common tasks you currently do by hand to help you create media rich documents faster.


Import Pics

Select and insert multiple images into an open document. With control over the insertion sequence and the insertion file type. Controlling the insertion type gives you control over the finished document's file size and impacts how easy it will be to share the document and update the images.


Import PowerPoint

Import slides from a PowerPoint file; every slide or only selected slides. Control the dots per inch DPI setting for the imported slides to control file size and print quality.


Size’n Border

Adjust the size of all or selected inline images and add or remove borders.


Change Links

Quickly locate and fix broken image links by correcting the linked folder path. And easily change the type of link in use.


Save Pics

Save images and objects that are embedded in an open Word document as image files that can be re-used. Save charts, grouped objects, shapes, Smart Art, pictures, tables and text boxes. Control the save as image file type for control over image quality.



The Collection will run with Microsoft Office in English, French and Spanish.



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