For virtual ILT sessions to be effective...

The facilitator and the producer need to know precisely what to say and do, when and for how long, each step of the way.

But, this requires guidance to be parsed in a clear and consistent manner.

This is not easily accomplished within the notes section of PowerPoint, where this work is usually done.


Scripter is a productivity tool for developers who use PowerPoint as the starting point for virtual and traditional instructor-led training.

We know the visuals are important, and they are a given. But the visuals really aren't the first thing to spend time on. 

Scripter puts the focus on the guidance for the presenter and producer.


Scripter expedites scripting and formatting slide notes – as well as the slides themselves if needed. Scripter is a Word add-in that makes it possible to


Assign time designations to each slide


Display a running cumulative time total

At the start of each new lesson

Updates automatically


Distinguish notes by audience

Presenters vs. Producers vs. Participants


Improve clarity

Add instructional action cues for facilitators and producers


Hold multiple sets of notes under each slide

For presenter, producer, and participant

Write for 3 audiences Simultaneously

Scripter allows you to set up the notes in your virtual training PowerPoint files for: 

  1. Presenters
  2. Producers
  3. Participants

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Scripter is easy to use. Help is built into the software and and our online tutorials teach you what you need to know. Learn about the free trial and get started.


If you haven't created your PowerPoint file yet...

Use Scripter to write out each slide and the slide notes, all in Word. This unique function allows you to create PowerPoint files within Word. For each slide you can enter:

  • Slide titles
  • Slide text
  • Slide notes

Circulate the Word document for review and approval.


Save time by not spending time on adding visuals in PowerPoint until the slide content is approved.

Then, use Scripter to send to PowerPoint where you can add visuals and finishing touches to your slides.

Once the scripting job is complete Scripter either creates a new PowerPoint file or updates an existing one. This sets you up to quickly produce a virtual facilitator guide because...

Scripter files are compatible with LeaderGuide Pro.

LeaderGuide Pro will build a facilitator guide to support virtual classroom training with:

  • thumbnails of each slide, and
  • notes automatically distributed across columns for presenter and producer.
  • And with time per slide designations listed below each slide thumbnail.
  • This is the fastest way to build virtual facilitator guides that do their job of keeping the presenter and the producer on task and on time.

Scripter files are also compatible with george! 

george! will generate handouts with notes for presenter only, producer only or participant only, based on Scripter audience designations.


Scripter will build formatted Word handouts from your finished PowerPoint files all by itself.

Similar to george! you can use Scripter without any additional software to create formatted Word documents that can be use as basic facilitator guides and as participant handouts.

  • Mix and match 18 different page layouts, for an infinite array of document layouts.
  • Include your logo and title slide on the cover page.

  • Organize by your topics and subtopics.
  • Include/exclude slides and notes by audience and slide number.



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