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The Collection

Pro List Numbering: Restart List

Pro List Numbering group on Th Collection ribbon

Use Restart Numbering to restart at "1" any list in your open Word file, and all or selected lists as well.


Restart Numbering Question

To Restart Numbering in any list

Place your cursor next to the first number in the list you want to restart.

Click the Restart Numbering button.



Say "yes" or "no" to the question about restarting every numbered list in your document.


Lists that you have not marked for restart using the Find New Lists function will not restart.


Special Considerations

If there are no numbered lists in your document, nothing will happen when you click the Restart Numbering button.

If there are numbered lists that have been set to start at a number other than "1" and those lists have not been marked to restart using the Find New Lists function they will remain as is and will not be restarted.



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