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Script PPT to LeaderGuide Pro & george!


If you are using george! or LeaderGuide Pro 

The Script PPT function provides special controls that will enhance your user experience when creating documents from your scripted PowerPoint slides. 


They insert special tags into your scripting template that will be used by george! and LeaderGuide Pro to

Build a Table of Contents


Mark Notes for Presenters, Producers, and Participants


Add Instructional Cues for Presenters and Producers


Include Time on Slide below slide image in virtual classroom facilitator guides


Build Table of Contents

If you use the New Topic and New Subtopic buttons when scripting your slides and notes using Script PPT, special tags are added into column one of the script. 

The purpose of these special tags is to organize the documents produced by george! or LeaderGuide Pro. They build a Table of Contents for the documents created and they organize the content into Topics and Subtopics in george! documents or Module and Lesson chunks in LeaderGuide Pro documents.


Notes Markers

The Script PPT Slide Notes Action markers designate who the slides notes are for. Either the Presenter, the Participant, or the Producer.

When using george! to produce handouts from your slides, the notes markers allow you to selectively extract notes only for the audience you are creating the handout for. PowerPoint does not support the ability to do this, so we have designed Script PPT to meet this need.

When using LeaderGuide Pro to produce facilitator guides, the notes markers transfer with the slide notes, making it easier for the developer to quickly move the marked text chunks into the appropriate LGPro Content Blocks.

Instructional Cues

There are nine special Instructional Cues included for use when scripting slide notes.

Clicking these icons creates formatted directives for the Presenter and Producer in the notes block area of the script. These are carried over into the documents created by george! and LeaderGuide Pro to make it easier for the Presenter and Producer to know what to do.


VIRTUAL CLASSROOM Facilitator Guides

With the release of LeaderGuide Pro version 12 the ability to create Virtual Classroom facilitator guides will be added. Since this type of guidebook is slide driven, the Script PPT markers for Producer and Time on Slide will add into the documents created to save document setup time. 

Producer notes will automatically be added to the third column of the Lesson pages.  

Time on Slide will automatically be added below the slide image in column one.



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