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Pro Media Controls: Import PPT

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Use Import PPT to import slides as images from a selected PowerPoint file.  

No more copying and pasting! And you have control over image quality.

To Import PPT

Best Practices to
employ before import


Open the PowerPoint file you want to import.


If you have multiple PowerPoint files open, you may want to close the files you don't need, to eliminate confusion. You can only import from one PowerPoint file at a time.

If you plan to do a Selective import, look at your PowerPoint file and make a note of the slide numbers associated with the slides you require. PowerPoint's Slide Sorter View is great for this task. 


To Start the Import PPT process

  1. Click the browse button.
    1. Or type in the full path and file name of the slide file to import.
  2. After you click Browse:
    • If your PowerPoint file is open you will see it and will be able to easily select it.
    • Otherwise, browse to the file you intend to import.
  3. If you are importing only certain slides:
    1. Click Selective
    2. Enter the slide numbers into the Select box
      1. Separate slide numbers by commas or dashes.
      2. For example: 1,2,5-9
  4. Set the print quality you require.
Import PPT dialog box


About Print Quality

The print quality choices are about controlling the DPI setting of the images in the document.

Good provides a 100 dpi level that is fine for draft prints but usually not final production printing.

Better provides a 200 dpi image level that is excellent in most print applications.

Best provides a 300 dpi level that in very special circumstances might be required.

The image dpi setting you choose also impacts the time it takes to extract the slides from PowerPoint and it impacts the extracted document’s ultimate file size.



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