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Pro Editor: Doc Improve


Use Doc Improve to address formatting inconsistencies found by Doc Analysis. 

The Doc Improve function scans your document for certain predefined types of issues and can correct them based on all occurrences found in the entire document or just a pre-selected portion of the document. The actions the function can perform are broken down into two categories, General Improvements and Remove Direct Formatting.


Use the General Improvement drop down menu to perform the following improvements.




Global Style Replacement 

Use this feature to change one formatting Style for another and apply it to all occurrences found. For example, change all text marked with the Heading 2 style to a Heading 3 style.



Replace Font Size Direct Formatting (DF) to a Style

Use this feature to locate all occurrences of a specific font size, for example 24, and change the entire paragraph where this font size exists to a specific document Style, for example Heading 1.

Remove Empty Paragraphs

As the label implies this feature scans the document for empty paragraphs (indicated by paragraph marks) and replaces two or more consecutively empty paragraphs with a single one.


Remove Double Spaces

Use this to find and replace all occurrences of two or more blank spaces and replace them with one blank space.


Hyphens to Em Dash

This feature and all of its variations swaps one type of text character for the other specified in the function label.

Use the Remove Direct Formatting to drop down menu to perform the following improvements.

To use any of the Remove Direct Formatting functions you must first run the Pro Editor Analysis on the document. This function then uses the Pro Editor Analysis comments to locate and correct the selected issues, including:

Remove Direct Formatting drop down menus options

All Direct Formatting (DF)

All Pro Editor Analysis comments for Text or Paragraph DF are resolved and the result is a document that is formatted exclusively based on the styles applied in the document.


Bold DF

Only manually applied “Bold” or “Not Bold” formatting is removed from all selected text. If the document style applied to the text designates a “Bold” format and the text is manually formatted as “Not Bold” then manual formatting is removed. Likewise if the document style designated “Not Bold” all manually applied “Bold” is removed.

Italic DF

Only manually applied “Italic” or “Not Italic” formatting is removed from all selected text.

Underline DF

Only manually applied “Underline” or “Not Underline” formatting is removed from all selected text.

Font Color DF

Only manually applied Font Color changes are removed from all selected text.

Paragraph DF

Only the manually applied Paragraph formatting changes such as alignment, indentation, line spacing, outline level, et cetera are removed.



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