The Collection ribbon is organized into 7 groups, by function. 


When using The Collection click on the Zapps Pro logo in the dialog boxes to access built in guidance.

Group 1: Accessibility

The Accessibility group contains 1 button. Use this function to generate and edit Alt Text.


Generate Alt Text

Use Generate Alt Text to add Alt Text to images for screen readers and 508 compliance. 


Group 2: Pro Editor


The Pro Editor group contains 4 buttons. Use this group to analyze and correct style issues and to make global changes to Word files.



Doc Stats

Use Doc Stats to view all available stats about your open document. 


Doc Analysis

Use Doc Analysis to check your document for formatting inconsistencies. 


Doc Improve

Use Doc Improve to edit and update formatting to correct inconsistencies.


File Doctor

Use File Doctor to rename files, convert Word files to other document formats, and add password protection for opening and editing Word documents. 


Group 3: Pro List Numbering


The Pro List Numbering group contains 3 buttons. Use this function to easily locate and manage all numbered lists, simple or multilevel, in existing documents.



Find New Lists

Use Find New Lists to mark numbered lists is an open Word document so that Zapps Pro can restart the lists at "1" when needed.


Link to New List

Use Link to New List to add unique style names to the Zapps Pro memory so they will be available to use as Zapps Pro List Maker Styles.


Restart List

Use Restart List  to restart any list at "1". You will be given the option to restart all marked lists at 1.

Group 4: Pro Doc Controls


The Pro Doc Controls group contains 3 buttons. Use this group to import and extract content and pictures, and to update all fields.



Import Docs

Use Import Docs to import Word files into an open Word file.


Extract Objects

Use Extract Objects to extract anything from an open Word document into a new or existing Word document.


All Fields

Use All Fields to update all fields in an open Word document.

Group 5: Pro Media Controls


The Pro Media Controls group contains 6 buttons. Use this group to import and manage images. And to save embedded images as image files. And to script PowerPoint slides and notes from within Word.


Import Pics

Use Import Pics to import multiple images at once, with control over image type and print quality.


Import PPT

Use Import PPT to import PowerPoint slides as images into an open Word document.


Size'n Border

Use Size'n Border to resize images and to add or remove image borders.



Change Links

Use Change Links to fix broken links and to change file paths on linked images.


Save Pics

Use Save Pics to save embedded images as separate reusable image files, in your choice of image file file formats.


Script PPT

Use Script PPT to write slide text and slide notes in Word, with the added ability to include audience markers in the notes area and the ability to easily add instructional cues for trainers and producers - for virtual classroom scenarios.

Group 6: Product


The Product group contains 1 button. Under this button you will find a drop down menu that allows you to determine your software version, purchase a license, and activate and deactivate.



Act'n DeAct

Use Act'n DeAct to activate and deactivate your Zapps Pro The Collection software. 

Group 7: Help


The Help group contains 1 button.  Under this button you will find a drop down menu with links to help for all of the Zapps Pro The Collection functions.




Use Help to  access the built in instructions for each of the function buttons on The Collection.



Doc Tools

Please refer to the guidance provided above for The Collection.



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