Increase Productivity
in Word 2011 on a Mac


Doc-Tools add-in to Word 2011 on your Mac to automate tedious work tasks and give you extra functionality.  Doc-Tools make it easier and faster to reuse content, Import PowerPoint and complete tedious tasks.


In an open Word document in Office 2011
use Doc-Tools to...


Import Files

Import multiple Word files at once. Simply navigate to and select multiple files to be added to the designated insertion point in an open Word document. Insertion order is alphabetical or numeric by file name.


Import Pictures

  • Import multiple picture files all at once.
  • Control the insertion type as Embedded, Linked, or Linked and Embedded. We recommend Linked and Embedded for ease of both updating and sharing.

Image Controls

  • Re-size multiple images at once.
  • Add or remove borders from multiple images at once.
  • Change links for images that are “linked” or “linked and embedded”.
  • Save embedded images for reuse as stand-alone image files.

Import from PowerPoint

All or selectively -
and control DPI to manage print quality

  • Slide Images
  • Slide Notes



And any of the following items from the slides - all or selectively

  • Text
  • Charts
  • Tables
  • Pictures
  • SmartArt
  • Video Posters

Extract - all or selectively

  • Images
  • Shapes
  • Tables
  • Marked items


Refresh Fields

  • Table of Contents
  • Other fields in your document

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