Speed and Consistency


Our tools for trainers provide smart templates and automate key design and development tasks to eliminate the two biggest time-wasters in every training design and development project.

  1. Struggling with formatting in Word and PowerPoint, and

  2. Manually performing content management tasks.

Our tools for trainers fall into three main categories:

Design tools

Learning Design Tool • Scripter

  • The Learning Design Tool provides a specialized template and supports the creation of formal design documents built with terminal and enabling learning objectives.

  • Scripter provides a unique template within Word to support the scripting of PowerPoint slides and notes. Scripter sends its content to PowerPoint to create or update PowerPoint files. Scripter is especially useful for creating or cleaning up PowerPoint files to be used for eLearning.

Development tools

Elements Pro • LeaderGuide Pro

  • Elements Pro creates Participant Guides to support any type of training program, and simple Facilitator Guides that are ideal for short courses. Easily work from PowerPoint to quickly build professionally formatted training materials that are easy to maintain.

  • LeaderGuide Pro creates Facilitator Guides to support instructor-led training. Includes fully customizable templates, style guides, icons, seamless integration with PowerPoint, and the ability to exact Participant Guides.

Publishing tools

george! • Scripter

george! provides the ability to quickly and easily create formatted, branded handouts from PowerPoint. Also, george! adds functionality while working in PowerPoint, to make it easier to add images, add alt text, globally update slide text, add time markers to slides, parse slide notes by audience, and add speaker cues to slides notes.

Scripter also provides the ability to quickly and easily create formatted, branded handouts from PowerPoint, in addition to it’s slide text and slide note editing capabilities.


Consistent & Reliable

Reliably create consistent, branded course designs, eLearning materials, facilitator guides, participant guides and audience handouts.


Work Faster

Significantly increase efficiency by performing time-consuming tasks with one click.



Seamlessly work across Word, PowerPoint and Excel to transfer, share and update content, files and records.

Not your typical
templates & macros


Great Circle Learning software automates and adds functionality to Microsoft Office. Developed by our own Microsoft MVP, our software is not your average bear...



Smart Templates

Professionally formatted templates adjust to your changes and provide issue-free performance. 



Write it Once 

Create one master file. Extract to create new files. Revise and update companion files. Create new from existing.



Work Across Office

Automated interfaces work seamlessly between Word, PowerPoint and Excel.  



Save Time

Work task automation reduces mechanical tasks 50% or more.



Consistent & Branded

Built-in customizing tools add your branding to our smart templates.



What do you need?


Our software products include design tools, development tools, document management tools, and a personal file recovery system. Our software can be used independently or in conjunction with each other. While each is unique, they are designed to complement each other for increased productivity.


Our software overview will help you decide
which tools are right for you.



Learn more by setting up a product demo. Let us show you how our software
will help you work faster, work smarter and change for the better.