george! is a PowerPoint publishing tool.

george! makes it easy to create attractive Handouts to support PowerPoint-driven presentations.

george! also adds functionality to PowerPoint to make it easier to work with images, globally update slide text, extract anything from PowerPoint to Word, and add Alt Text for screen readers.


Document Creation

george! publishes PowerPoint to Word

  • Create branded, polished Word documents

  • For use as handouts to support PowerPoint-driven presentations.


PowerPoint Enhancement

george! makes it faster and easier to work in PowerPoint

  • Add, review and edit Alt Text

  • Work with multiple images

  • Globally alter slide text while maintaining formatting

  • Extract images and content for reuse


For increased productivity

Give george! to your SMEs

  • Because george! makes it easy to tag slides that start new topics and subtopics.

  • Not only does this convey structure and flow, it automatically distributes the slides across modules and lessons as you use LeaderGuide Pro or Elements to import the PowerPoint file into a facilitator or participant guide.


Got-ur-Back runs silently in:

  • Word, PowerPoint and Excel on your PC

  • Word and Excel on your Mac.


Each time you click Save Got-ur-Back saves a copy of your file too. But...

  • The Got-ur-Back copy is saved as your file was just before you clicked Save.

  • To protect you from accidental file overwrites.


The Got-ur-Back copies are:

  • in the same file format you were working in

  • conveniently placed in folders right on your computer.


Got-ur-Back is free!

Work faster. Work smarter.
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