Technical Guidance

How to download, install, activate and update
your LeaderGuide Pro software


Check our System Requirements and more under the Support tab. on this website.


Version of Word
How to Determine which version you are running

This video provides instruction on how to find out which version of Word you are running. This is important because you need to match LeaderGuide Pro to your version of Word.


How to download the software

The software install file is free. Once you download and save it, it is a file that you can share with your colleagues who are also planning to install LeaderGuide Pro


How to install the software

Full System Admin privilege is required to install LeaderGuide Pro


How to activate the software

You must enter a valid product activation Serial Number (a.k.a. license key)


How to deactivate the software

Before reassigning a license seat, the current user must Deactivate on his/her computer


How to uninstall the software

Use your computer's Control Panel


How to update your software

All license types include free access to software updates to the current release. If you have a subscription license, you also have free access to new releases - upgrades - that are issued during your subscription term.


Disappeared from Word! 
How to get your LGPro tab back if it disappears from Word

If you have an active license to LeaderGuide Pro and you suddenly do not see the LeaderGuide Pro tab along the top of your screen in Word, most likely the software add-in has been disabled. This video shows you how to re-enable the LGPro add-in.


How to switch between Plus & Elements

This applies only to LeaderGuide Pro version 12 or earlier. If you have a license to Elements, when you run the version 12 install you will first see LeaderGuide Pro on your screen in Word. This video shows you how to switch to Elements.