How to Add, Resize, Border & Replace

LeaderGuide Pro provides powerful functionality that makes it easy for you to add, resize, border and replace picture images in your Facilitator and Participant Guides. Use these videos to learn how to use the LeaderGuide Pro Pictures functionality.


An overview to Adding Pictures into Facilitator Guides and Participant Guides

This video provides an overview and basic instructions for using the Add Pictures options in LeaderGuide Pro version 13.


How to Add Pictures into a LeaderGuide Pro Document

These videos provide instruction on how to:

  • Add pictures into Picture Blocks & Picture Wide Blocks
  • Add pictures into other LGPro Content Blocks


Resize & Border
How To Resize & Border Picture Images

This video describes and shows you how to use the new Resize and Border Pictures functionality in LeaderGuide Pro version 13.


How to Replace Picture Images

This video provides instruction on how to replace images in your LeaderGuide Pro documents.