The LGPro Ribbon

Watch these videos to get oriented to the LeaderGuide Pro ribbon.

Ribbon Overview

  1. Open Word
  2. Click the LGPro Plus tab to bring up the ribbon
  3. Use the LGPro ribbon buttons first
  4. Hover over a button to see the button’s function

The ribbon consists of 9 groups of buttons:

  1. Start
  2. Module/Lesson Control
  3. Text/Table Formatting
  4. Controls
  5. Content Blocks
  6. Insert
  7. Customize
  8. Product
  9. Help

The Start Group

The Start Group contains 3 buttons:

  1. New
  2. Open
  3. Attach


The Module/Lesson Control Group

This group contains 5 buttons:

  1. Module
  2. Lesson
  3. Continue
  4. Break
  5. Librarian

The Text/Table Formatting Group

There are 15 buttons and a styles box in this group:

  1. LGP Title
  2. LGP Text
  3. LGP Bullet
  4. Promote Text & Bullets
  5. Demote Text & Bullets
  6. Insert Table/Nested Table
  7. LGP Numbered List
  8. Promote Numbered List
  9. Demote Numbered List
  10. Restart Numbered Lists at "1"
  11. Paste Special
  12. Break Table
  13. Flow Table
  14. Delete Table Row
  15. Open Word's Styles Dialog
  16. Current Style in Use Display Box

The Controls Group

The are 6 powerful buttons in this group. They perform document level actions.

  1. TAG
  2. Update All Fields
  3. Auto Correct
  4. Go To
  5. Extract
  6. Special
Don't forget to watch the extra videos about the functions within the Special, Extract and Auto Correct buttons.

The Auto Correct Button

This nifty button allows you to edit and customize your LGPro Content Block headlines, locate the list of included Instructional Term Shortcuts, and add your own shorts. This is a button well worth knowing.


The Extract Button

The Extract button gives you 3 extract options:

  1. Current Guidebook to Another Type of Guidebook
  2. Assessments, Cases, and Handouts
  3. Agenda Time Calculator




The Special Button

The Special button reveals a drop down menus with 6 sets of functionality and an option to view and work with the Special menu as a task pane along the right-hand side of your screen. Use the Special button menu to access the functionality related to PowerPoint, Images, Resizing, Show/Hide Icons, Sync and Search Tags.

The Content Blocks Group

These buttons are used to build your Lesson pages. 

  • There are 30 Content Block buttons, and 5 of them include multiple insert options.
  • In all you have 57 block insert options as you use this group of buttons.
  • And, there are 3 sets of Content Blocks available to you, associated with the 3 different collections included with LeaderGuide Pro Plus: Default, Elegant and Modern.

The Insert Group

There are 3 helpful buttons in this group:

  1. Capture Lines
  2. Insertable Script Task Pane
  3. Insertable Icons

The Customize Group

This group contains 1 button that reveals a drop down menu with 6 options related to customizing your LeaderGuide Pro software:

  1. Video Overview
  2. About Customizing
  3. Logo, copyright and more
  4. Location of the library
  5. Librarian Meta tags
  6. Manage Collections


The Product Group

There is 1 button in this group. Clicking on it reveals a drop down menu with these options:

  1. About LeaderGuide Pro
  2. Activate this software
  3. Deactivate this software
  4. Purchase an activation key
  5. Check for Update

The Help Group

There is 1 button in this group. Clicking on it reveals a drop down menu with these options:

  1. A link to the online LeaderGuide Pro Tutorials at
  2. Links to each of the embedded videos
  3. Switch to LeaderGuide Pro Plus
  4. Switch to LeaderGuide Pro Elements