The Text/Table Formatting Group

There are 15 buttons and a styles box in this group

  1. LGP Title
  2. LGP Text
  3. LGP Bullet
  4. Promote Text & Bullets
  5. Demote Text & Bullets
  6. Insert Table/Nested Table
  7. LGP Numbered List
  8. Promote Numbered List
  9. Demote Numbered List
  10. Restart Numbered Lists at "1"
  11. Paste Special
  12. Break Table
  13. Flow Table
  14. Delete Table Row
  15. Open Word's Styles Dialog
  16. Current Style in Use Display Box

Use the buttons in this group to

  • Format text
  • Identify the Style of the text or icon your cursor is next to
  • Change the Style assigned to  the text or icon your cursor is next to
  • Open Word's Style Dialog - useful when Modifying a Style Guide in a Custom Collection
  • Add bulleted lists
  • Add numbered lists
  • Delete a Content Block, which is a table row
  • Allow Content Blocks to "flow" across pages within a Lesson
  • Paste in text from other sources, converting the text to LGPro format