About Collections & Parts 

This video explains what Collections & parts are.

About Collections

LeaderGuide Pro includes 3 Collections for you to choose from as you first start using the software.

One of the Collections must be selected as you start a new Facilitator Guide or Participant Guide. 

The Collection selected controls the look and feel of the new document you are creating, and includes some default content to help you get started.

A Collection consists of the following Parts:

  • Cover page
  • Acknowledgements page

  • Table of Contents 
  • Getting Started section

  • Graphic Cues page
  • Program in Perspective page

  • Program Preparation page 
  • Training at a Glance

  • Module Overview page
  • Lesson page 

  • Content Block Icons
  • Styles

About the Parts

Each Part has a role to play in building your facilitator guide or your participant guide.

And each part can be modified when you create a custom Collection.