What to do if you see a message from Word asking if you would like to disable LeaderGuide Pro

If you see this message it can feel ominous because it tells you that LeaderGuide Pro caused a serious problem.

In fact, this is just a standard message Office uses any time Word shuts down unnaturally and an add-in happened to be running at the time.

When Word asks if you would like to disable LeaderGuide Pro...

There are 3 possible circumstances in play:

  1. The user’s anti-virus software is set to disable add-ins with notification
    1. This is corrected by changing that setting in your anti-virus software

  2. The user interrupts a task that has been initiated while using LeaderGuide Pro, which then causes Word to close unnaturally

    1. This is corrected by allowing the software to complete its task before trying to do anything else 

      1. Important note: A key feature of LeaderGuide Pro is the work task automation is provides. Every button you click on the LeaderGuide Pro™ ribbon kicks of a series of actions in the background. The user must allow the requested action to complete before moving on. The actions normally complete very fast.
  3. The user’s computer crashes 
    1. This is corrected by identifying the behavior that is causing the crash and refraining from repeating it

    2. Or identifying some other underlying computer issue, such as a corruption in Word