Help for Common Problems

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We understand that there will be times when you will need assistance. Take a look at our troubleshooting guidance below and the other Support topics, but if you don't find what you need please CONTACT US so that we can help you.

“Activation Failed” message

“The maximum allowed activations for this license key has already occurred. Either deactivate from anther device that is using it, or purchase a new license key.”


If you are seeing this message:

It means that the maximum quantity of activations your license is set for has been reached.

To correct this problem

Deactivate the software on a computer where it is no longer needed:

  1. Log in as the user and open Word

  2. Click on the Great Circle Learning software tab to bring up the software ribbon

  3. Click on the Act'n DeAct button and select "Deactivate this software"

  4. Confirm your desire to deactivate and receive confirmation of success


Or, purchase another license seat.

  • If you have a subscription it is easy to increase your license quantity by using our After Purchase Services.

  • Contact us if you require assistance with this.


If you believe that you have not exceeded your Activation quantity and are receiving this message in error, please contact us for assistance. 


No Internet Connection when Activating

If you receive a message that you are not connected to the internet even though you do have an internet connection, this means that you are blocked from accessing the secure URLs we use to validate your activation. You will be given an option to activate manually, or you can use a personal device that is not subject to your corporate IT policies. For smooth sailing, please ask your IT group to review our System Requirements. We are available to work with IT to ensure that you will be able to activate and use our software.



Software Tab & Ribbon Disappeared

If you have our software installed and do not see the software tab along the top of your screen in Word or PowerPoint, the software is still on your computer, but one of the following could be going on:

  1. The add-in has been disabled

  2. Your anti-virus software is blocking the add-in from running

  3. There was a problem with the install



Message about disabling Great Circle Learning software as you open Word

There are times when you, as a user, may see a message from Office as you open Word asking if you would like to disable LeaderGuide Pro or one of our other software programs because it caused a problem. 

The answer to that question is always “No”.


Trouble while using One Drive

If you are saving your files to One Drive and are having trouble:

  • Using the LeaderGuide Pro Extract function

  • Executing software functions

Use your OneDrive app settings to change where your files are saved by default.


Software Deactivated Message

It is possible that your license has expired.

If you have a 12-month 12-payment subscription that is current and up to date with payments but you are seeing a message that your software is deactivated:

  • This is most likely because you have not opened Word within the past 7 days on the computer where the Great Circle Learning software is installed.

  • Please click the Act’n DeAct button on the software e=ribbon and follow the prompts to re-activate.


Trouble installing on a Mac

If our software for Mac Office 2016 or 2019 not installing and your Mac meets our System Requirements, then there may be a permission problem in the Add-in folder in your Applications folder. 

The add-in loads to this location:
Macintosh HD/Applications/Microsoft Office 2016/Office/Add-ins

If you go to the lowest level folder (Add-ins) and use Finder to check the permissions by right clicking on each folder, your user id should be listed or alternatively “Admin”. If neither your user id or “Admin” is listed you need to add it and that should fix the problem.

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