How to Try LeaderGuide Pro & Elements


You can try both LeaderGuide Pro and Elements for free for 3 consecutive days each, by switching to the second trial before the first one expires.

No matter which program you download...

Both programs will be added to your computer when you run the install.

Installing LeaderGuide Pro requires full system admin privilege.

And this install is more involved than adding an app. We suggest that you take a moment to review the information in our Support section for guidance on How to Download and How to Install. Or, watch our "how to" Getting Started videos.


How to Start the Free Trial

Once the software is installed, you will see a message as you open Word asking if you are ready to start the free trial.

Please make sure you will be able to spend some time with LeaderGuide Pro before you start the trial because:

  • The free trial period cannot be extended
  • The free trial cannot be run more than once on the same computer.

Once you start the free trial it will run...

  • LeaderGuide Pro for 3 consecutive days, and
  • Elements Pro for 3 days.

By default:

LeaderGuide Pro Plus will be the software you will see first when you open Word after starting the free trial, even if you chose to install Elements.


How to Switch between LeaderGuide Pro and Elements

Before the end of the third day:

  1. Click the Help button at the end of the LeaderGuide Pro ribbon
  2. Select the option to Switch to Elements

  3. Allow Word to Close

  4. When you re-open Word you will start the 3-day free trial period for Elements.

If you prefer to try Elements first, simply switch to Elements right away and then switch back to LeaderGuide Pro before the end of the 3rd day.

Limitations during the free trial

The purpose of the free trial period is to allow you to evaluate whether the software will meet your needs. 

Files created during the free trial cannot be used for production purposes.


The following limitations also apply...

The ONLY way to open files created during the free trial is...

  1. By using the Open button on the LeaderGuide Pro or Elements ribbon
  2. On the computer where the free trial is running.

This means that you will not be able to share files created during the free trial with others.

Once you purchase a license and activate the software:

  • You will be able to open your LeaderGuide Pro and Elements files like any other Word document, on any computer you choose.
  • And you will be able to share the files with others, who will be able to open the files as Word documents.

Documents created or Attached to during the free trial will contain Evaluation watermarks and other Evaluation notices. 


The Great Circle Learning logo and copyright will appear on the evaluation facilitator guides and participant guides you create.

Once you purchase a license you will be able to easily replace our logo and copyright with yours.


You will be able to see but not use the Customization functionality that allows you to personalize the software.



Do not create documents you will need for business purposes...

Because documents created or attached to during the free trial will not be available for use after the free trial period expires.


Do not open or work in files created by licensed users...

Because this will subject those important files to all of the free trial limitations and make them no longer usable as production files.



Why 3 Days?

Three days allows you to:

  • Try out the key features
  • Confirm that you can run our software in your IT environment.

You're checking it out because you need it.

Once the 3 days are up choose from our easy and affordable license options to start using the software to get your work done. 

Simply buy a license to activate the software you've been trying out.

An Easy, No-Obligation Way to Get Started

Purchase a 12-month 12-payment subscription license.

A 12-payment subscription can be cancelled without penalty.

  • You pay upfront for 30 days use of the software
  • At the end of the 30 days your subscription will renew for another 30 days
  • This continues until you cancel your subscription, which is easy to do. 

Cancelling a 12-Month 12-Payment Subscription stops the next monthly billing to your credit card and it terminates your subscription. Any days remaining on your currently paid for 30 days will continue to run to the cancellation date. There are no partial refunds.

To help you, we provide

  • Complimentary new user orientation
  • Online self-paced tutorials 

  • User support Monday - Friday between 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. EST.

This approach allows you to fully use LeaderGuide Pro or Elements for 30 days.

The facilitator guides and participant guides you build will be yours.

And they will be Word documents, so even if you decide not to continue your subscription you will have the work you've done.


As you reach the end of your 30 days...

You will be able to decide whether you want to continue your monthly subscription, cancel, or switch to an annual payment plan.

Subscriptions paid monthly renew on the same date each month, so if you plan to cancel be sure to do so before that date. For instance, a 12-month payment plan subscription purchased on the 5th of December will renew on the 5th of January, and then the 5th of each subsequent month until cancelled. After you cancel, use your computer's Control Panel to uninstall.

Special Discount

If you start monthly and decide to switch to an annual plan...

Let us know and we will provide you with a special one-time discount.