First Month Free on any 12-month Subscription


Use the coupon codes below to obtain the first monthly license fee for free when purchasing either:

the 12 Month -12 Payment Subscription, or

the 12 Month - 1 Payment Subscription.

As you are in your cart making your purchase, enter the coupon code for the software tool you need.

You will see a negative number appear under the sub-total, representing the amount your order will be reduced by.

This offer expires on June 1, 2018.





Use for $180 off the Learning Design Tool Subscription


Use for $90 off the LeaderGuide Pro Subscription


Use for $25 off the george! Subscription


Use for $50 off the Scripter Subscription


Use for $40 off the Elements Subscription


Use for $25 off the Collection Subscription

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  1. Select the product you need
  2. Add the subscription type you prefer to your cart

  3. After accepting the subscription terms, you will be in your cart
  4. Enter the quantity you need - Quantity 1 allows the software to run on one computer

  5. Enter the Coupon Code
  6. Click Update Cart

  7. Complete the order

You will see your receipt after you submit your order

  • Your receipt will provide a download link and a product activation serial number (a.k.a license key)

Install and activate the software

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  • Use your serial number to Activate the software

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