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    Your method of payment will show a transaction with DRI*WWW.SHAREIT.INFO

Digital River GmbH is the authorized reseller and merchant of the products and services offered within this store. The e-commerce store they provide is managed by My Commerce, a Digital River company. Support is provide by the My Commerce Share-it team.


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If tax applies to your order you must pay the tax.

If your organization is tax exempt you can request a tax refund after the transaction processes.


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User ID and Password

As you are placing an order you have the option to set up a user ID and password, which allows you to take advantage of your personal customer account.

If you would like to be able to view your order status, print your invoices or make purchases more quickly and easily in the future, we recommend that you set up a user ID and password for your personal customer account.

Information regarding your order
Go to go to to access customer service. Enter in you Order Email address and your My Commerce Share-it Order Number.

MyCommerce ID
In the future, you will be able to shop more conveniently and quickly with most publishers who use the MyCommerce Share-It e-business solution for order and payment processing.


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If your organizes uses Purchase Orders

  1. Our secure online store does not accept Purchase Orders as a payment method.

  2. You can place an order and select CHECK as the payment method. This will result in an Invoice being issued that will contain all of the information your Accounts Payable Department will need to move through their process and issue the check.

  3. Alternatively, you can work with a re-seller who will accept your Purchase Order and then make the purchase for you, using a credit card.


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If your organization requires an Invoice

  1. Add the product you need to your cart in our secure online store.

  2. Under Payment Information, select CHECK - prepayment.

  3. Click BUY NOW and the store issue an invoice. 

  4. After Digital River receives your payment, your license key will be issued.



Who’s Who

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The Publisher

Great Circle Learning is the publisher of the software and the service provider for everything except the e-commerce transactions. If you have content-related or technical questions about a product or service, please contact Great Circle Learning directly. For technical support, please request assistance using the Help Form provided on this website.


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The Vendor

Digital River GmbH is the authorized reseller and merchant of the products and services offered within this store.

  • Digital River GmbH · Scheidtweilerstr. 4 · 50933 Cologne · Germany

  • Customer service: ·

  • Managing Director: Kristopher Thomas Schmidt

  • VAT-Id-No: DE194149069 · Tax-ID-No: 223/5804/6905

  • Commercial Register: District court of Cologne HRB 56188

The Digital River GmbH e-commerce store is managed by My Commerce, a Digital River company. Support is provide by the MY Commerce Share-it team.Their Customer service contact address:

Share-it - Digital River, Inc.
10380 Bren Road West
Minnetonka, MN 55343

To quickly find answers to questions about orders, payment and delivery, please visit the My Share-it Web-based Customer Care Center. The Customer Care Center offers FAQs, order information and customer service contact information.


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All Sales are Final

There are no refunds on the purchase of software licenses or services rendered. Please notify us immediately if a purchase has been made by mistake.


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