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The scenarios below are intended to help you figure out which of our products are best for you. There may be more than one! Our goal is to make sure you meet yours.

Design Documents


If you are an Instructional Designer The Learning Design Tool is meant for you. It assists in producing consistent learning design documents with learning objectives that conform to Bloom's taxonomy.

The Learning Design Tool produces a course outline that maps your learning objectives into modules and lessons, laying out your initial course structure.

  • The course outline forms the starting point for building your facilitator guide.


Jump start the development phase

Extract your course outline to:

  • PowerPoint

  • Word 

  • LeaderGuide Pro

Extracting to LeaderGuide Pro advances you to the point of being ready to add content into blocks to build out the lessons.


Facilitator Guides 


If you develop facilitator guides for multi-day programs; or as part of a development team of contributors and need participant guides too. Then LeaderGuide Pro is for you. It automates Word, provides smart templates, and interacts with PowerPoint.


For working with PowerPoint

No matter where you stand on the value of using slides, they are often part of the source content mix. 

LeaderGuide Pro helps you leverage PowerPoint by making it easy to:

  • import slides and notes
  • easily replace them when changes are made in the PowerPoint file

And for those times when a SME has typed paragraphs onto the slides, you can:

  • import the slide text

And if you don't have slides but need them, you can:

  • create slides from within a facilitator guide.

When you need a Participant Guide

LeaderGuide Pro extracts participant guides from facilitator guides. And syncs content between companion guides after changes are made in one of the documents.


And LGPro automates these common tasks

  • insert icons and table rows
  • add time designations to content chunks
  • total time designations by lesson, module and day
  • add a searchable course ID that will tag every file associated with the master facilitator guide
  • create instructional term shortcuts for frequently used terms and phrases
  • add multiple numbered lists without fear of corruption
  • archive module and lesson content for re-use
  • insert archived content
  • re-order content 
  • add participant guide page number references into facilitator guides
  • automatically add alt text to tables and imported images for 508 compliance and accessibility.

At a minimum, LeaderGuide Pro helps you complete common facilitator guide development tasks 50% faster.


Participant Guides


If you primarily create participant guides Elements is for you. Elements is a Word add-in that builds a formatted Word document you can use as either a participant guide or a facilitator guide.

Elements is a simpler version of LeaderGuide Pro.

If you usually print your slides and notes to serve as a participant guide

  • You will love how Elements imports PowerPoint into a nicely formatted document that you can easily enhance.
  • And makes it easy to replace the slides when changes are made in the PowerPoint file.

Elements provides two smart templates that give you a choice of look and feel, and that won't break down on you.

Easy to use, Elements helps you up your game and cut the time it takes to do this type of development work by 50% or more.


Virtual Facilitator Guides


If you create PowerPoint to support virtual instructor-led training then you probably struggle with clearly distinguishing between notes for producers vs. notes for facilitators and clearly designating time per slide.

We have two tools for you.


Start with Scripter

  • To write your PowerPoint slide text.
  • To write your slide notes, by audience.

  • To designate time per slide.

Once the content is approved, Scripter sends your file to PowerPoint where you can add your images.


Then use LeaderGuide Pro

To import your scripted PowerPoint file into a virtual facilitator guide.

  • Lesson pages set up as 3-column table rows.
  • Slide images are placed in column 1 as thumbnails.

  • Time appears below each thumbnail.

  • Facilitator notes are placed next to the slide image, in column 2.
  • Producer notes are placed in column 3.

This powerful combination of smart templates and work task automation

  • Helps you cognitively.
  • And significantly reduces development time.


Facilitator Guides from content
provided by others 


If your training organization works with a lot of outside content providers who cannot be required to use LeaderGuide Pro...

And YOU would like to use LeaderGuide Pro - but you don't want to get stuck converting all that content into the LeaderGuide Pro formats...


We have a new solution for you.
We call it the the IGST.


Simply include the IGST as part of your enterprise license to LeaderGuide Pro. It is your key to leveraging productivity gains.

The IGST is an Instructor Guide Scripting Template that functions as a bridge between regular Word documents and LeaderGuide Pro.

You can share the IGST with SMEs, contractors and other content contributors. 

The IGST provides a smart template others can easily use to create documents that you can painlessly transfer into LeaderGuide Pro

The IGST is a document formatting tool that helps everyone involved in your development projects deliver content in a consistent format that is compatible with LeaderGuide Pro. Everyone works more productively, and you eliminate the headaches associated with wrangling documents with a variety of styles and formats.


Session Handouts


If you are making PowerPoint-driven presentations and you need something to give to your audience then george! for PowerPoint is for you.

george! is an add-in to PowerPoint that publishes your slides and notes to Word in 18 different page layouts. You can mix the page layouts within a handout to create the best visual impact.

For professional polish george! automatically adds a cover page with your logo, a table of contents, headers and footers, and page numbers.

george! also helps you as you build your slides, with automation to facilitate image management, translation, and 508 compliance.

And, george! will export anything and everything from your PowerPoint file into new Word documents.

george! is your goofy geeky friend who knows just what to do to make you look good. Let him help.


Properly edited documents


If you are charged with style editing and content management for Word documents, you need The Collection.

The Collection is an add-in to Word that automates:

  • locating and correcting paragraph style issues
  • fixing numbered lists that have lost their mind
  • importing multiple images, PowerPoint or Word files
  • managing image size and borders
  • fixing broken links to imported images
  • extracting multiple selections of content into new documents
  • generating, locating and editing Alt Text for 508 compliance

In short, The Collection helps you professionally edit and manage Word documents.


Backup copies


If you struggle with lost work because files aren't saving, or because your computer crashes, then you need Got-ur-Back.

Got-ur-Back is an add-in to Word, PowerPoint and Excel on a PC. On a Mac Got-ur-Back adds in to Word and Excel.

As you work, Got-ur-Back runs silently in the background. Every time you click Save Got-ur-Back saves a copy of your file too.

Got-ur-Back stores the backup copies on your computer in the same locations you are already saving to, so that if you need to go back to a prior version of a file you know where to find it.

And, Got-ur-Back is free.


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