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AuthorTec Tools for Office make Microsoft better by automating specific tasks that are otherwise particularly dense or tedious.

AuthorTec SUITES of Tools for Office group the tools by functionality into cost-saving packages.


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Elements Pro

Elements Pro is an easy-to-use course authoring tool that creates facilitator and participant guides for short eLearning and instructor-led training programs.


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george! is a PowerPoint publishing tool that creates attractive Word documents from your slides and notes, to use as handouts to support PowerPoint-driven presentations.


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LeaderGuide Pro

LeaderGuide Pro takes the pain away from creating comprehensive facilitator guides to support virtual and traditional instructor-led training.


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Learning Design Tool

Learning Design Tool provides a way to standardize your instructional design process with the use of terminal and enabling objectives built with the action verbs you require. Produces consistently formatted design documents with a detailed course outline that you can export to PowerPoint and LeaderGuide Pro.


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Scripter is a bridging tool between PowerPoint and your course authoring software, or Word. Scripter opens up your PowerPoint file in a special Word template to allow you to clean up the slide notes and parse them by audience: presenter, producer, participant. You can also add new slides or create entirely new PowerPoint files directly from Scripter.


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User Training

While all of our software products include free built-in help and additional help available on this website, we recommend our fee-based user training to jump-start your use of the software tools you have purchased.


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Support Services

We develop and directly support all of our Great Circle Learning software. While basic support is always available at no charge, we offer fee-based services for those times when additional support is required.


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