Convert your PowerPoint file into professionally formatted Speaker Notes & Handouts to support your virtual & live presentations.


The tool of choice for:


Presentation Handouts

Your audience always wants a copy of your slides, right? Give them something nicer!

Presentation Speaker Notes

Clear, directive notes ensure consistent, professional delivery.

Simple Participant Guides

Give participants key images and space for notes.

Before we go any further,
why "george!" ?


Because we are sailors.
& our nickname for our autopilot is George.

An autopilot handles navigation for you so that you can walk away from the wheel and do other things. Thus, in our search for a name for this "do more than just send PPT to Word" tool that does important work to get you to where you need to be... we arrived at george!

george! turns your PowerPoint files into attractive Word documents


george! makes it easy for you to leave your audience with a positive impression 

Unlike simply sending PowerPoint to Word, when you click "Create" to send your slides to Word with george! 

  • 18 page layouts are all set up and ready for you to use

  • A Title page & Table of Contents & page numbers are included

  • Your Logo & Copyright are included

NEW Features

Automated slide image updating

george! will now update slide images in existing Handouts and Speaker Notes

Time on Slide

george! will now mark Planned Presenter Time per slide on Speaker Notes 

Targeted Notes

When producing Speaker Notes & Handouts, george! will now include only notes for the audience type you designate: Speaker, Producer or Participant

Directive Cues

george! will now insert Directive Cues such as Say, Do, Ask into slide notes 

Validation Report

george! will now produce a Validation Report, which highlights by slide: 

  • if notes exist

  • to what designated audience are the notes targeted

  • the planned presenter time per slide

  • the overall presentation time based on a sum of the individual slide times

documents include


Cover page

with your logo and the name of your presentation


Acknowledgements page

with your copyright and contact info


Table of Contents (TOC)


Pages with headers and footers indicating:

  • Topics

  • Subtopics

  • Page numbers


On the pages:

  • The slide images you choose to share

  • Images arranged in your choice of page layouts

  • Slide notes, if needed

  • Capture space for note-taking, if needed.


About the TOC


As you prepare to publish your handout, use george! to associate a name with each slide that indicates the start of a new topic or subtopic.

These names become the Table of Contents in the handouts you create using george! The Topic and Subtopic names you add to your slides using george! are recognized by LeaderGuide Pro to help you quickly build from your slides:

  • Facilitator Guides

  • Participant Workbooks.

george! makes
PowerPoint better



george! shifts Alt Text in PowerPoint
from burden to no problem.

  1. george! automatically adds Alt Text to images you import using the Import Pics function george! provides.

  2. Use the Generate Alt Text function george! provides to easily move from one slide to the next to

    1. Add Alt Text

    2. Review Alt Text

    3. Edit Alt Text


Alt text?

Alt Text refers to labels and descriptions you add to the following non-text objects in your PowerPoint files:

  • images

  • charts

  • SmartArt

  • tables

  • video posters

Alt Text makes it possible for screen readers to aide the visually impaired in understanding the non-text objects on your slides.


Alt Text is required for 508 Compliance
in the United States.

Add multiple images at once

  • on multiple slides

  • in a variety of layouts


Choose the insertion type  

  • embedded

  • linked

  • linked and saved


Change the file path on picture images

  • to update the link file path

  • or to convert a linked image to an embedded image


Save Embedded Images for Re-use

Save as JPG, TIF, GIF, PNG, EMF or BMP... 

  • Slides

  • Embedded pictures 

  • Charts

  • SmartArt

  • Tables.

Convert Text & Maintain Formatting

Translating? Re-branding? Major update?

When you need to globally change the text on your slides use george! to:

  • move the slide text into a special Word document

  • where you can easily alter the text.

Then use george! to import the REVISED text back into your PowerPoint file, maintaining the original slide formatting.


Automated translation

This NEW function automates the translation of slide text and slide notes using Google Translate, from any language supported by Google Translate language to any other language supported Google Translate.

Edit in Other Languages

Easily change the default language setting for all or selective PowerPoint slides

  • To proof with the new language you have chosen

  • Instead of the one slide at a time manual approach you otherwise have to do with PowerPoint.

Extract Slide Content

Extract anything you need from an open PowerPoint file into a new Word document. 

Including: Slides, Charts, Notes, Pictures, SmartArt, Tables, Text, Video posters, and Comments. 

Use the PPI (Pixels Per Inch) and picture file format type options to: 

  • Control the file size of the new Word document

  • Ensure your desired image quality.


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