Got-Ur-Back provides local file overwrite protection for Word, PowerPoint & Excel



Runs silently in:

  • Word, PowerPoint and Excel on your PC

  • Word and Excel on your Mac.

Saves a back-up copy of your file each time you click Save.

  • The Got-ur-Back copy is saved as your file was just before you clicked Save.

  • To protect you from accidental file overwrites.

Copies are:

  • in the same file format you were working in

  • conveniently placed in folders right on your computer.

Instantly Accessible

Unlike most file back up systems, GOT-Ur-Back files are instantly accessible.

On your PC

Got-Ur-Back files are placed into a folder labeled “Zapps_Pro-backup” that resides in the same directory folder of the file you are editing, in the same file format.

On your Mac

In Office 2011 it saves into a folder named “GOT-UR-BACK” that is located in the same directory as the file you are working on.

In Office 2016 & 2019 for the Mac, Got-Ur-Back places your files into a separate directory that you can easily access by clicking the GUB Files button on the GUB tab on the Office 2016 for the Mac ribbon.


How it Works


With Got-Ur-Back running, each time you click Save in Word, Excel and PowerPoint your last version of how the file looked is not destroyed. Instead it is moved to a safe location where you can recover it from if needed.


Each prior version of the file is labeled with a numbered extension. Got-Ur-Back optionally keeps up to 5 levels of prior versions.

By default Got-Ur-Back will activate in Word, PowerPoint and Excel with the Save Level set to 3 for each program. You can alter these settings to choose which programs to run Got-Ur-Back in, and set the level of prior copies saved for each program.

Download Got-Ur-Back right now. It’s FREE.

Close Word, PowerPoint and Excel prior to installing.

Easy to Use

GOT-UR-BACK User Preferences Dialog Box

GOT-UR-BACK User Preferences Dialog Box

  1. Upon opening Word, PowerPoint or Excel after installing you will see the Got-Ur-Back User Preferences dialog box.

  2. Set it to meet your needs.

  3. Re-open it any time you want to change your preferences by clicking on your computer's Start button. Got-Ur-Back will show up as an installed program. Click on it to open the User Preferences dialog box.

Language versions

Language versions include:
English, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Japanese, Chines Simplified, Chinese Traditional


Got-Ur-Back does not

  • Create automatically timed backups of the file you are editing.

  • Protect template file formats including:

  • Run with PowerPoint in Office 2011 or Office 2016 for the Mac


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