Rapidly apply updated styles from a master template to Word docs with AuthorTec Update Styles

When you make changes to one of your master templates in Word, applying those changes to your existing documents can be time consuming.

AuthorTec Update Styles allows you to rapidly apply updated styles from a master template to one or more documents. 

With AuthorTec Update Styles you can:

  • Store one or more master templates

  • Select the master style template you wish to use 

  • Choose are the file(s) you want to apply your updated styles



 Free! Use AuthorTec Update Styles for Free

Currently, you can download and use this tool for free. We encourage you to do so right now. AuthorTec Update Styles will save you time and help you ensure consistency across all of your Word documents.


How to Access & Use

Open the Word document you want to use Update Styles with.

  1. Click the Developer tab along the top of your screen and you will see the new AuthorTec Update Styles button on the Developer tab ribbon.

  2. Use AuthorTec Update Styles to select the master style template you wish to use and choose the file(s) to apply your updated styles.

  3. Learn how to use AuthorTec AuthorTec Update Styles with our Tutorial and by using the instructions that are built into the software.

  4. Please feel free to contact us if you need additional help


For additional guidance

View the AuthorTec Tutorials found under the HELP tab on this website.

If our online Help does not address your need please Contact Us

The A in the AuthorTec logo

AuthorTec Update Styles is a Microsoft Office add-in.

It runs with:

  • PC Office 2019, 2016, 2013 and 2010

  • Mac Office 2019 and 2016

  • Office 365 with a PC or Mac desktop version of Office.

Please review our System Requirements for additional technical information.