Personal Word File Backup System
How to Use

Once you install GOT-UR-BACK it will automatically store a copy of how the open document you are working in looked prior to saving your latest document edits every time you click Save or use the keyboard shortcut of Ctrl + S to save.

The User Preferences Dialog Box 

AuthorTec Got-Ur-Back User Preferences dialog box

The User Preferences dialog allows you to set your backup requirements for each Office application. 

By default GOT-UR-BACK is enabled to set to save 3 levels of back up for Word.


How to Set your Backup Level Preference

  1. Open Word and click the Developer tab.

  2. Click the AuthorTec Got-Ur-Back button to bring up the User Preferences dialog box.

  3. Set the number of back up copies you would like.

  4. You have the option of saving up to 5 back-ups of your Word files. 


To enable or disable Got-Ur-Back

Click "Yes" to enable.

Click "No" to disable.

Set individual preferences for Word, Excel and PowerPoint.


To use Got-Ur-Back

Once you enable GOT-UR-BACK in the User Preferences dialog box:

  • All you need to do to use it is click Save in the file you are working on.

  • A backup copy is automatically placed in a sub-folder in the same location you are already saving to.



How to find your Got-Ur-Back files on a PC

Go to the folder where the file you are working in resides.

  1. Open the sub-folder labeled “ZappsPro-backup

  2. You will see each prior version of the file is labeled with a numbered extension.

  3. Open like any other file.


How to Change your Preferences

  1. Use your computer's Start button to find GOT-UR-BACK in the list of Programs or Apps. 

  2. Click on GOT-UR-BACK to open the User Preferences dialog box.

  3. Set your preferences and click OK.

If you change your preferences often, you may want to pin the User Preferences dialog box to your Start menu or task bar.


How Got-Ur-Back works

After the very first time you Save a new file:

Each time you click save,  GOT-UR-BACK moves your last version of the file to a folder labeled “ZappsPro-backup". 

Conveniently, this folder resides in the same directory folder of the file you are editing.

Each prior version of the file is labeled with a numbered extension.


GOT-UR-BACK only backs up files after YOU click SAVE




Got-Ur-Back does not:

  1. Save copies of template file formats including

  2. Create automatically timed backups of the file you are editing.

  3. Run with PowerPoint in Office 2011 or Office 2016 for the Mac


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